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    ok, I'm doing an internet radio show for an hour today with RLF from rex records guesting . . . it'll mostly be electronic nonsense but if you fancy a listen it ( should ! ) be on :

    * * * * 6pm(ish) 'til 7pm(ash) [ that's UK time ] and the link you need is . . . * * * *

    I hope. It's a little volunteer run studio that can be a bit shambolic, but fun . . .

    Also up until we're on air if you click the live stream button you will get Dialect's most recently broadcast show on a loop . . . the previous show at the moment is Lady Lucy's 'Independent Heroine' show with Diss Miss doing part one in a series on women in hip hop, so I  recommend giving it a listen, maybe right now . . .
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    also see :