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They made me feel like i'd missed out

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  • They made me feel like i'd missed out

    There's a couple of folk at work, one of my relatives & this guy about my age in a local charity, and anyway they have all recently said someting to the effect "yeah Im glad I saw the Smiths/Jam/clash when they were still going" (substitute any other bands).
    I got to thinking that the list of decent bands/gigs i'd seen was piss poor & I had no real reply to shock them about my youthful days.
    Until that was I thought about who I was checking when the'd be popping pills to Acieeeeeed.
    So Im going to tell you guys the gigs I will be fondly saying 'I was there' in 30 years time.

    1) Ultramagnetic MC'S - Manchester International One.
    2) The Def Jam Tour (When the beasties had them cages)
    3) Main Source - Somewhere in London.
    4) ATCQ - London.
    5) Hijack & Lord Finesse- Sheffield.
    6) London Posse - Liverpool.
    7) Gangstarr - MCR International One.
    8) Grandmaster Caz - NYC
    9) De La Soul - Liverpool
    10) DMC Mixing Champs - Cant remember any pa's Think pogo or swift won.

    There that's made me feel a bit more complete.

    Anyone got a GOAT alternative gig list?
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    Talking Heads when they supported the Ramones at the Roundhouse in Camden
    Patti Smith at the Roundhouse, Camden
    Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at TJ's in Newport
    Portishead in a mud year at Glastonbury on the jazz stage
    Nusrat Ali Fatta Khan at Glastonbury
    Fela Kuti at Glastonbury
    Original Concept/Queen Latifah/Mark the 45 King/Stereo MCs at the Thekla, Bristol
    Beastie Boys at the Brixton Academy
    Only Ones at the Red Cow, Hammersmith
    Gang of Four at Trinity Hall, Bristol
    Joy Division/Teardrop Explodes/Echo and the Bunnymen at the Nashville, London
    Breakestra at Fiddlers, Bristol
    Dizzy Gillespie/Airto/Flora Purim/Arturo Sandoval at Colston Hall, Bristol
    Art Ensemble of Chicago at Union Chapel, London

    that's the best I can do at the moment
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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (john stapleton @ June 30 2004,19:33)]Portishead in a mud year at Glastonbury on the jazz stage
      Nusrat Ali Fatta Khan at Glastonbury
      Fela Kuti at Glastonbury
      Sweet. The I heard the Portishead one from the next field. The other two are pretty much top of my wish list of people I wish I'd seen while alive (along with the Jam and Clash).

      Are we're talking about things we are glad we saw or things to impress others.

      If its the former then:
      Faust - anytime is the right time- Dublin 1997 to be exact.
      Boredoms  - ATP 2004
      Shamen & Happy Mondays - Dublin 1989 (The Shamen's rock/acid house show blew my un-stoned mind).
      Spacemen 3 - London Town & Country 1989
      Ghost - Terrastock 5, Boston.
      Godspeed You Black Emperor - Bowlie 1998.
      Mercury Rev - Birmingham 92 - ended during the second song when the managment attacked the road crew.
      Stereolab & Tortoise - double header twice in the same week.
      My Bloody Valentine, House of Love and others at Doing It For The Kids - London Town & Country 1988
      Acid Mothers Temple - Dublin 2001.
      Hawkwind - Brixton Academy 1989 - 20th anniversary reunion show including Lemmy.
      Add N To (X) - Glastonbury 1999 - live vomit show.
      Leftfield - Dublin 1996 - they blew the sound system and still rocked the 6,000 warehouse with a single mike for 20 minutes.
      Sonic Youth - many times often differnt, always great.
      Hell Dylan in Paris earlier this year was pretty darn good once I got to the front.

      If I want to impress others then I mention very early gigs by Pulp, Nirvana or Oasis. The 10+ times I've seen Spiritualised, Primal Scream and Orbital each are also good for impressing the kids on occasion. Obviously its hard to pick out a single one for those guys.
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        And 1988 when Public Enemy played in my college in Dublin.
        Enthusiastic vagueness passes for scholarship in the twilight world of the disc-jockey.

        John Peel


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          Stone Roses @ Spike Island for me

          Also those Charlatans/Ride Bubblegum Weekenders were pretty magnificent

          Spiritualised @ the RAH too

          a real special gig for me was seeing my fave 60s band reform (The Creation) at a Creation Records event - Ride & Oasis & others played too but The Creation were awesome
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            1) Axelrod (London) - Made me shed a few tears.
            2) Pulp (Brighton) - The day after Jarvis jumped on the stage at the Brits and had that ruck with wacko.
            3) Avalanches (Brighton) - Remember pogoing like kerazee&#33;
            4) Daphne &amp; Celeste (Reading) - My first and last Reading (went for Free - full of 12 yr old slipknot fans)  - They said &#39;come on&#39; to 60,000 people and it rained piss on them. Class.
            5) Gotan Project (Big Chill 02) - Beautiful almost spiritual at the time. Yeah I was a bit uh spaced
            6) Beck (Reading) - I love beck. And this gig was ace. He went right off on one - coming back on stage to police tape someones head. Totaly messed with my mind at the time. Genius.

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              A few faves from over the years...

              Gangstarr&#39;s first appearance in UK (Tim Westwoods Capital Rap show @ Dingwalls) Awesome PA with Primo cutting up the JB&#39;s 33-45 stylee on the chorus of &#39;Step in the Arena&#39;.

              Jungle Brothers &amp; ATCQ (first UK gig) (Red Alert Djing) @ the Forum. A Zulu nation Classic from the Natives.

              EPMD &amp; Hijack. I have to say Hijack killed it that night riding the (small crest) of the UK Hip Hop wave.

              Various JB&#39;s gigs finally got to meet Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis &amp; Bobby Bird as my mate knew them we got backstage (I felt like a starstruck fan boy)&#33; Vicki Anderson with Mrs Wesley backing vocals singing &#39;It&#39;s a mans world&#39; was a blinder not a dry eye in the house.

              Pharoah Sanders @ Dingwalls best Jazz gig i&#39;ve been to bar none.

              Mass Influence, Black Thought, The Last Emperor, MayLay Sparks, Fat Lip (Pharcyde) &amp; The Venus Brown live Band, @ WKD Cafe. The best Freestlye session I&#39;ve ever seen with the band just rocking a tough groove for all the MC&#39;s/Singers.

              Ozomatli @ Glastonbury 2000 Hip Hop Sunday in the Dance tent a great day, the roots were nice too.

              Portishead @ Glastonbury Acoustic tent, the near riot when Evan Dando would not leave the stage, I&#39;ve never witnessed such a hostile crowd yelling at him to f*ck off etc for 3/4 of an hour. It ended with a tearful Dando telling the audience to &quot;F*ck off you British Hippy F*cks&quot;&#33; When Postishead finally came on after 1.5 hours, the crowd went wild at the beginning of each track before realising that it&#39;s nearly impossible to freak out to any track on Dummy&#33;
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                David Axelrod - Royal Festival Hall
                John Barry - Royal Albert Hall
                Stereolab secret gig - Vibe Bar

                All the rest are HF&amp;S gigs, ha ha&#33;


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                  This makes me feel like a right old bugger but:

                  The Two Tone Tour - Derby Assembly Rooms - the Specials, The Beat, Madness (Sure it was less than a fiver for the ticket too)

                  Husker Du - Aberdeen Venue (Interviewed them afterwards and passed out in the dressing room)

                  Velvet Underground - Edinburgh Playhouse (wasn&#39;t too sure before hand but loved it and glad I went - R.I.P. Sterling)

                  Kraftwerk - Edinburgh Playhouse (Coputer World tour)

                  Grandmaster Flash - Nottingham Rock City (first time I&#39;d ever seen two turntables in action in such  fashion - mindfuck&#33

                  JAMC - Edinburgh Coasters (chaos&#33;&#33

                  Primal Scream - Secret Barrowlands gig (so secret that there weren&#39;t enough buses running home and we had to get taxi back to Edinburgh)

                  Mercury Rev &amp; Flaming Lips - Edinburgh Potterrow (just as the Lips came over all psychedelic showmen)

                  TV Personalities - Edinburgh Venue (Xmas party thing - played anything you asked for - had to be bunged off stage in the end)

                  Def Jam Tour - Glasgow Barrowland (PE, DMC, LL )

                  Stone Roses - Edinburgh Venue (played to a non-sold out venue&#33;&#33;??)

                  Happy Mondays - Edinburgh Venue (good to see a band onstage more monged than oneself)

                  Tackhead Sound System - Edinburgh Carlton Studio (went deaf in one ear for three days afterwards - excellent&#33

                  The Smiths / New Order / the Fall etc - Manchester GMex (What a smashing day out that was&#33
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                    Beastie Boys - The Marquee
                    De La Soul - Town And Country Club
                    BDP - Bristol Bierkeller (sp?) crap gig but it was KRS ONE
                    White Stripes - Brixton Academy
                    DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist/Z-Trip - Product Placement show at The Scala
                    Bucks Fizz - Gloucester Leisure Centre

                    There&#39;s 6 from my fuzzy memory.


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                      Originally posted by [b
                      Quote[/b] (Blighty @ June 30 2004,23:59)]BDP - Bristol Bierkeller (sp?) crap gig but it was KRS ONE
                      ha&#33; remember that one&#33;

                      Flaming Lips (Glastonbury 2003/Sydney 2004)
                      White Stripes (Glastonbury 2002) - a mate of mine had told me to see them on their first UK tour when they were playing the Louisiana in Bristol (capacity 120) but I didn&#39;t trust his judgement after some shit bands he&#39;d recommended so didn&#39;t go...

                      Black Keys (Louisiana, Bristol)
                      We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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                        Saw the White Stripes earlier this year at Blackpool Winter Gardens, Top stuff it was. As was me &amp; Doko*Eno getting in a Blackpool night club by telling the door staff we were the Stripes roadies&#33; &amp; had just knocked off&#33;
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                          Originally posted by [b
                          Quote[/b] (john stapleton @ July 01 2004,00:05)]
                          Originally posted by [b
                          Quote[/b] (Blighty @ June 30 2004,23:59)]BDP - Bristol Bierkeller (sp?) crap gig but it was KRS ONE
                          ha&#33; remember that one&#33;
                          I think he spent about half an hour on stage doing a medley of BDP tracks. In return me and my friends spent the night at the railway station because the last train had gone at about 8:30


                          Invisbl Skratch Picklz at Brixton (supporting the Beasties)
                          Red Hot Chili Peppers at Brixton (they mostly make me cringe these days but that was the Blood Sugar Sex Magic tour and they were great)
                          3rd Bass - Town and Country Club (Serch. Pete Nice. Daddy Rich. I still get jealous comments from friends. Really.)


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                            Gigs I turned down:

                            Def Jam tour - Nottingham Rock City 1988 (?), had a ticket, gave it away cos I couldn&#39;t be arsed to go&#33;&#33;

                            Stone Roses - Spike Island - was even sorted with a lift, but the manageress of the shop I worked at wouldn&#39;t sanction a day off. Now I&#39;d tell her to go fuck herself and her job, but then I meekly declined the Roses ticket and worked instead.

                            My top gigs that I can recall are:

                            The Mars Volta @ Rock City (2003) - Since then, everyone else seems limp and lethargic.

                            QOTSA @ Hammersmith (2003) - Full-on sonic assault.

                            Prince @ Wembley (Lovesexy 1988) - Cat. Sheila E. Filth.

                            Jurassic 5 @ Nottingham Sam Fays (1998?) - All my crew there, Jurassic still little-known, a fine all-dayer from the Big Daddy crew.

                            Jane&#39;s Addiction @ Rock City (2003) - Just amazing to see such legends in an intimate venue.

                            Oasis at Glastonbury on Friday seemed fucking amazing and I&#39;m not sure why there&#39;s a lot of negative reviews. Maybe I need to reserve judgement for a while and put the night in context, but I don&#39;t even like Oasis and they impressed the shit out of me.

                            If Fab Macca had only played the latter half of his set, rather than the schmaltz-fest of the first 40mins, THAT would have been a classic gig.
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                              Originally posted by [b
                              Quote[/b] ]Gigs I turned down:

                              Def Jam tour - Nottingham Rock City 1988 (?), had a ticket, gave it away cos I couldn&#39;t be arsed to go&#33;&#33;  
                              yer daft bugger Ben &#33;  

                              It was September &#39;88 I seem to remember, Public Enemy were on first, followed by Eric B &amp; Rakim, then LL Cool J.

                              PE were excellent, they were wandering around Rock City beforehand and we all got to chat with them. I spoke with Chuck D and shook the hand of Terminator X... he doesn&#39;t &quot;speak with his hands&quot;, by the way...  

                              Rakim was okay, no great shakes, but LL Cool J was terrible. He did &quot;I Feel Love&quot; and a sudden storm of bottles and cans rained down upon him. Twerp.

                              Also, we bought the worse bag of &#39;mind leaves&#39; ever... man, that oregano would have been better on my pizza &#33;  
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