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    i was thinking of going on a record mission this weekend and i was wondering where would be the best city or town to visit in east anglia and what shops are there.

    i mostly am interested in hip hop and related styles. i live in yarmouth so the i was think of going to cambridge or ipswich or colchester or any where other than norwich that is not to far away. but i have no idea of where to go to make my trip worth while. any help will be appreiated. thanks


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    I'm afraid that Norwich is probably the best place for record shops in E.Anglia these days.

    Having said that, Ipswich has two decent second hand places and a lot of charities:

    Ipswich Record & Tape Exchange
    34, Upper Orwell St
    Ipswich Suffolk
    IP4 1HR

    Tel: 01473 230207      
    Out of Time Records
    46, Fore St
    Ipswich Suffolk
    IP4 1JY

    Tel: 01473 225547    

    Avoid Cambridge. There is only one second hand place - Blackwax. This is excellent for old disco and new house releases, but I don't think you'll get much Hip Hop out of there.

    I haven't really been to Colchester in my travels. Anyone know if these are any good?

    It's Electric
    37, Crouch St
    Colchester Essex
    CO3 3EN

    Tel: 01206 763160      
    Classics 'N' Jazz Ltd
    7, Middleborough
    Colchester Essex
    CO1 1QS

    Tel: 01206 762422    

    Inspired Records
    58, Victoria Chase
    Colchester Essex
    CO1 1WN

    Tel: 01206 369523
    Good luck! And if you find a great second hand place not mentioned above let me know!!!
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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (Hadrian Elephant @ July 01 2004,12:49)]I haven't really been to Colchester in my travels. Anyone know if these are any good?

      It's Electric
      Classics 'N' Jazz Ltd
      Inspired Records
      Don't know any of those ones - can heartily recommend Time Records tho - can't miss it - it's on the long road between the train station & the Town centre - on the left before you hit the hill. Lots of funk/northern/STs etc. Had a big hiphop section too - dunno about the quality of that stuff as I know little about it
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