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  • "i believe in miracles"

    Refreshing an old thread.. I found a 7" on Capitol by Mark Capanni, a italian guy that lives in Hollywood. He and Bobby Taylor actually wrote "I believe in miracles" in the early 70's, later re-recorded by the Jackson sisters. I have actually made to get in touch with him, and he told me that this was his only release, he never did an album.
    I've played it for several people and they really liked it. So now I'm thinking of re-issue it. I haven't done it before and I need some advise from you who has experience with this.

    I will try to put up a link to the song.

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    I've been involved in the music industry, but if you wan't any advice on children's stationery, I'm your man!

    Good luck in your endevour. I hope you get it sorted.
    He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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      There's plenty of people here that can give you good advice, no doubt. I'd love to hear it though if you can sort out an mp3 or something.