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  • More annoying library questions

    Despite saying I was giving up looking for library stuff can anyone help me with these:

    What's a good price for 'Hit Man' on Peer? I had a listen and it's rather tasty (in parts) and I've got it on hold but I'll need some bargaining power for it due to the ruthless nature of this particular dealer.

    Picked up 'Rock & Stones' on Sominage - whats the deal here? - it has Brull stickers on the label and sleeve - is it an offshoot or a licencing thing?

    Cheers chaps.
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    Brull handled the catalogues of a lot of European libraries over here, like Selected Sound, Sonimage, Musical Touch Sound etc. It's quite a common practice - JW used to be responsible for Telemusic, and Amphonic handled the RCA library too. I think it's all down to whether the library in question had a UK base or not.

    I think the exchange may have been mutual in some cases - for example, KPM were in charge of the Sonoton/Intersound catalogue over here, and in Germany Sonoton looked after KPM.

    No idea about a price for Hit Man, but it's a nice LP - great cover too!


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      Hit man isnt that great. I put it back in a shop and it was £15. Yes great cover. Ive seen it on ebay for £20 or so too. <- Changed URL


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        I&#39;d have bought it for £15&#33; There&#39;s at least three decent tracks on it, and the rest is quite listenable IMHO.

        Any idea who Sound Prospect actually were? I strongly suspect Al Newman was involved somewhere&#33;


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          Totally disagree with you, Sermad, about the Peer &#39;Hitman&#39; LP. It&#39;s a great library with plenty of copshow funk on it, and three tracks from it were comped back in &#39;96 on the &#39;Audio Blue&#39; series. £15 for most Peers is cheap - especially that one. Casbah currently sells it for £70.
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   the Mr. Ollie at Casbah, now in Spain, used him a couple of times when he was in Glasgow He ain&#39;t what you call cheap and much of the time he&#39;s vastly over priced.


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              .....even more than most dealers if that puts it in perspective.