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    I originally posted my offer in the Mix Swap thread but can now offer
    more info on my idea. I would have been happy to pick out various
    tracks from the cd mountain which has arrived at Gardening HQ
    but I am so bowled over by several of the mixes that I
    would like to broadcast them in full on my show over the
    coming months.
    The mixes in which the tracks all run into each other are best
    and my only interference with them would be to insert station
    jingles at various points while they are going out live.
    I have a couple of reasons for wanting to get these tunes
    out to my city, 1: they are bloody brilliant and more folks
    deserve to hear 'em 2: it would be good publicity/promotion
    for the djs & their club nights {even tho no-one in MK will
    have probably heard of you but if I can get your name in
    the local paper too then at least a couple of hundred thousand
    folks will see it!} 3: my Lady and I are about to have a baby!!
    and I would appreciate having some of my future
    shows already sorted as it were, with the mixes already done.
    This will help me out quite a bit as I am kinda swamped with work
    etc {and we've just moved house too} so if I could rest on
    my mixing laurels for a while then it will help some.

    I would like to put out say one or two a month, every Friday
    night via CRMK 89.8fm, I would play the whole CD and then
    run thru the tracks. I would also put info on my site, which is
    just my humble info service really, I pay for it myself & put
    what the heck I like on it anyway, in a few weeks you may
    notice I am putting out a mix by Mr Hopkinson {of this parish}.
    I would do the same for the rest of y'all if you are happy to
    give me the all clear and send me some info on yourself along
    with a nice photo or whatever image you consider suitable.

    Let me know if this whole idea sounds OK with all as I am
    keen to make full use of these fantastic cds and of course
    will use my own publicity engines to promote the special
    mix nights as well as big upping VV too.

    any thoughts folks?
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    You can do what you like with mine but you may need to do something about the track that skips - I made the cd 'live' and on my burner thingy once you start there's no going back!
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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      Having heard a few of these over the weekend, I'd doubt mine is one of your considerations... but if I'm wrong then please feel free. So impressed with those I've heard so far, I'm really going to have few crack's at these and step up my technique... Mr. Hopkinson's is pure class.
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        Missed out on the mix swap, but I did make a mix CD for the missus to listen to while she was pregnant.
        It's very, very chilled and she listened to it while she was in labour, she said it helped her relax so I'm glad I was of some use!
        If you'd like a copy to listen to drop me a PM and I'll send you one, even if you just listen to it yourselves.

        Hope everything goes well with the pregnacy! It's well worth it, my daughter is 6 weeks old and has just started smilling    

        Right back to records, sorry for sidetracking!!


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          Thanx for your kind words Scriptfliper,
          I am trying to keep it all together what with this
          being my first and all, but I have my green fingers x
          that all will be OK ~ I will post up some of the mix cds
          I would like to broadcast soon but if anyone wants to
          submit a mix in particular of their own for the show then
          I am always interested in hearing them, thanx!
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            Sounds like a great idea. I'd like to contribute one for your consideration. Can you please PM me an address to send it to, HG. Thanks.


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              cool, my address info is on The Garden Contact page,
              but to save you looking...
              The Broadcast Centre, 14 Vincent Ave, Crownhill,
              Milton Keynes, MK 8 OAB ~ thanx
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                Thank you. I knew I should have just checked on your website. :sheepishgrin:


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                  you're more than welcome to use mine, if the sound quality is up to scratch - i didn't have a cd player to check it back on (just the pc), so hopefully it's not too quiet for listening / playing purposes


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                    I can happily send you a one hour mix of bits and bobs that I've done recently. Not particularly VV orientated, but hopefully some tracks you'll enjoy ...

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                      Glad to hear your up for it chaps, and I will need
                      some info & a pic as well please, PM me and you
                      can send me stuff direct if thats OK.
                      I listened to vinylism's mix at work twice today
                      and absolutely LOVED it! respect to you sir
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                        If you want to use mine you're free to.


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                          This mix swap thing is off the hook.

                          In fact, it's not only off the hook, it rolled and fell off the kitchen bench afterwards. Then it rolled down some stairs, out of the house and into a storm drain. Then it was washed out to sea, where eventually it drifted into a ocean trench and sank to the bottom.

                          THAT'S HOW DEEP THIS MIX SWAP THING IS.

                          I just got my parcel yesterday and I've been going totally bananas.

                          As far as broadcasting goes, I'm happy for the Milton Keynesians to hear mine, though I'm a little leery about some of the scratching (recorded under a genuine Kiwisport "have-a-go" philosophy). In fact, I'm intending to swipe individual tracks and play them on my radio shows (yes, I have two shows, BUT! only about a dozen listeners). That's if no-one objects of course.

                          Brother Logic - for taking on the burden of sorting out this rigmarole, you officially get more props than Bruce Willis.      


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                            Thanx for those of you who have given me your blessing
                            to play out your mixes ~ so just to let you know, the first
                            2 mixes I will be broadcasting next month will be by LDJB
                            and Vinylism. More will follow in the coming months and I
                            will contact the mixers by PM with all the info I need for
                            The Garden site etc, as I wade thru em'.
                            Once again I'd be happy for those of you who wish to
                            simply send me any other mix they have done for future broadcast.
                            It will take me till Xmas to play out all the mixes I would
                            like to broadcast, so if you give me your thumbs up via
                            this thread or by PM I will put you on the show at some
                            time, no worries.
                            Thanx again folks, Milton Keynes ain't gonna know whats hit it!
                            The Garden Facebook Blog


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                              incidentally, I'm on the new Jazzman radio show. Think it's there for another week.

                              Jazzman radio

                              Apologies for the hijack plug!