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  • Library records on ebay

    Hi I got an email from sonoton saying i wasn't allowed to sell their product?
    I've seen this before, i once bought 3 library records direct from a guy after eBay ended the auction early.

    has this happened to anyone else? Maybe next time I'll leave the name out of the title, or misspell it like i did with my Brutons (Burton   )

    this is the email i recieved this morning
    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]Dear script_fliper,

    Your offer includes SONOTON LPs or CDs. May we inform you that you are not entitled to sell SONOTON CDs, LPs. They belong to Sonoton and are not for sale. Please remove your offer at once from the site or we will contact eBay with ?Notice of Infringement?. Sonoton LPs and CDs are produced for professional use and belong to Sonoton or ist agents. You may not have been aware of this fact and we therefore kindly ask you to remove your offer and refrain from selling Sonoton LPs and CDs in the future. Kind regards SONOTON Music GmbH & Co. KG

    To view the item, go to:

    Thank you,

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    Sonoton seem to be the toughest library when it comes to selling stuff on eBay - I know a few people here have had 'Stop It' e-mails from members of the Narholz family, so they obviously monitor it quite regularly.

    It has to be said though, the law is on their side on this one, however annoying it might seem - at least they were reasonably polite about it.

    So if you've got any Sonotons you were going to put on eBay, you're better off sending them to me instead.........


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      If the library labels were on the game then NO librares would be allowed on ebay.

      If you have a library record you don't technically own it. They loan it to you as a sampler then you request the music on tape. They never imagined people would want to collect, play, like the stuff.

      To be honest it doesn't serve them in the slightest like this - Somebody could buy a library off ebay and then legally sample it (thus creating revenue for the label).... <- Changed URL


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        I&#39;ve had KPMs and Brutons pulled in the past but never Sonoton&#39;s. Strangely enough I&#39;ve never heard of anybody having problems with De Wolfes but I thought they were the most hardnosed of the library guys?
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          Cheers guy&#39;s, it&#39;s up to £5 1/2 quid now so if i have to end it now I&#39;ll settle for that.

          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] (Lord Thames @ July 07 2004,10:25)]So if you&#39;ve got any Sonotons you were going to put on eBay, you&#39;re better off sending them to me instead.........
          They were all listed on the trades first&#33;

          seriously tho, apart from the *HUGE DRUM BREAK* the lp&#39;s really weak&#33;

          Thanks again.