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  • Xylophone man rip

    I know there's a fair few Notts types on here, past and present so I thought this needed posting (cribbed from Deep Funk).

    I know that his faultering rendition of the Eastenders theme always brightened my day whenever I visited the Broadmarsh centre.

    You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.

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    Tragic news. I was thinking last weekend I hadn't seen him for awhile, wondered if he'd been picked up by Irwin Chusid for an international tour or something...

    Still, I can say I've followed his career from its late 80s beginnings, and was even able back in 1993 to put in a good word for him with City Centre Management at a time when they were thinking of only allowing licensed buskers to ply their trade.

    My favourite thing was his way of doing a kind of flourish with his arm every couple of notes, and he also experimented and moved with the times: there was a period when he had a toy microphone and mumbled incomprehensibly along with himself, but clearly it didn't work out and he got back to basics.

    And so it's farewell to Frank Robinson and his Fischer-Price xylophone, then. He'll be missed.
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      Frank was a legend. End of.

      Even years after moving away from Notts, I have friends ask me if Xylophone Man is still doing his proto-trip hop thing down by Superdrug or Warehouse (he was versatile you see, could play to upmarket crowds too). It's a sad day to have to tell these ex-pats that Frank is no more.

      He was like a cross between Gladys Pugh and Charlie Chuck, the melody of the xylophone punctuated with a Tourette's like adlib.

      So, who is left to add funk to our lunchbreaks now? Who can make the soulless trudge round Starbucks or Pret A Manger that bit brighter? Not boring blues guitarist man down at M&S, we need that maverick touch that Frank brought to the game.

      Anybody out there any good with a kazoo?
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