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Brian auger's oblivion express still rolling

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  • Brian auger's oblivion express still rolling

    Brian Auger's playing here next week and I am wondering if its worth paying out 20+ eurons to go along. I love all his 60's and 70's stuff but occasionally the old guys can't cut the mustard.
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    saw him couple of years ago and it was pretty awful. his son playing the drums, daughter singing and some other people hangin about in the stage. ok, he was auger and he was playing the p3, but still v. mediocre - too clean sounds, too maneric solo's, too much dadjazz in the air.

    (or maybe it was me - i had been led astray by some members of "mr nice's webteam" at the backstage. they forced me to try out these cigarrettes and next thing i know is a terrible urge to leave the venue to sit down and not feel faint all the time.)


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      i saw him last year here in switzerland and it was quiet good. not really mindblowing but i had a solid party! i think it was one of the better gigs of an old cat. go for it.
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