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    right, I've been rather busy recently and not contributing so much to the forum, but in my brief lurkings I've seen various new smiley suggestions - can any serious ( whatever that means! ) suggestions be repeated in this thread maybe? I don't know if new ones will mean losing old ones tho - have we reached some sort of smiley saturation point, Sermad? ( I don't know where some of the old chaps are, yoda and hearteyes for example . . . )

    Also a couple of plugs - I'm going to be doing my weekly radio show on from 6pm-7pm uk time Today   ( though the day's stream is looped until the next live session, so you might catch it again late night or tomorrow morning / afternoon )

    Also also : I'll be in the 'Blackout' arts & weirdness tent  in Ashton Court [ ]for anyone near Bristol at the weekend . . . should be fun ( and Mr Stapleton is in control of probably more straight up vulture friendly 'Big Top'   )

    maybe see you there!
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    No no smiley saturation! can you post up all the missing ones though.

    Erm I cant remember which ones I wanted.

    Serge Gainsbourg
    Frank Zappa
    Ebay (and perhaps its alter-ego Evilbay™)
    throwing up
    obsessive collecting (??)
    All seeing eye
    sid james
    snake bite and black (an off purple pint with bits in it then&#33
    hairy progger

    oh and a big poo. <- Changed URL


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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (sermad @ July 14 2004,18:04)]sid james
      If that&#39;s too hard, just do a walnut - nobody&#39;ll be able to tell the difference&#33;

      How does one symbolise obsessive collecting in graphical form?


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        I&#39;d like to see the Brillo one make a return. And maybe one to better show confused. Definitely vote for a vomit or hangover one&#33; How about a leachy one too? You know, phoaar (sid james I guess)

        Personally, I like the more cartoony ones over the more portrait ones, visual wise. Animal, handbag and Homer are my favourites&#33;


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          new ones in a while . . . not right now tho&#39; cos it&#39;s my birthday&#33;    
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            Where&#39;s the Hoxton twat? And we could do with a wink. And that three eyed one (like the Springfield fish) was good...

            (My current favourite).
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