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Blue magoos - can't get enough of you

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  • Blue magoos - can't get enough of you

    It's on one of the Vulture CDs. Christ knows which one. My head's spinning. I'm assuming it's collectable on account of the break, but it's a fantastic tune. What's it from? LP, 45 or acetate only released in Malawi?

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    hi mate

    it's from an album called "gulf coast bound", released on abc records (ABCS-710 no year stated). i doubt it had a single release as it goes on for 12 and a half minutes (!&#33, the second half of the track - after the huge percussion break - being predominantly given over to various solos. although you do still get the chorus too.

    still, if you dig that track, you'll love the album, it's all in a similar vein. i picked it up about three years or so ago and have - honestly - played it at least once a month since then, a high recommendation from someone like me who has a very low tolerance of repeat listens.

    as for value, hard to say.. i don't think it's rare as such, just not widely known for funk. i paid a tenner for mine first time round and sold a double on eBay a few months ago for a similar price.

    blues magoos (not blue magoos, coulda been my typo on the cd, sorry) released a few sixties beat / pop albums which they're better known for and i guess more commonly associated with. they're all rubbish though by comparison to this release.


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      there's a 45 edit. the track was also on one of Skye's breaks lps, and a jazz/breaks bootleg (possibly one of Tim Lee's?) about 10 or 12 years ago. I've seen the album a fair bit for £20-£30 over the years.
      We know when a mate buys it for you too.