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    Don't call it a comeback...

    I don't know; I disappear for the best part of a year (god knows how much piss-taking Rich has managed in that time), and what happens? We get our own thread, and some illustrious members of the cheese-erati are after copies of our twelve

    Formigo, there is still a copy of the seven and a copy of the twelve sat in the record mailer that they were put into about 18 months ago! Rich said he had some stuff to send you, so it winged its way back to the darklands of Essex with him last night. I imagine that he'll mail it out to you at some point. I can't be arsed with PayPal, so mail or PM me, and we can sort a trade out, if you want.

    Dr R.Funk, honestly, I'm sure that mail on this subject was never received at my end. I remember swapping a copy of the 45 for the first Guder 7" (I think I mailed you after hearing you on Craig Charles' show on Radio 6). I also remember promising to send you the cash for the second Guder that you put aside for me, which is as far as I got on that! But I'm pretty sure we never discussed the 12.

    Also, as the one who had to deal with the sour taste of lost money, and from the eighteen long months it took to get the damn thing pressed up, whilst I ain't completely against the idea of a repress, I can't see it happening for a good long while. And that's a long while in Hero time, where one hero year appears to correspond to the best part of five of your earth years...

    Anyway, back to the subject in hand. I do have some copies of the EP, so Colin, keep your soiled test pressing to yourself!

    I've got to be honest with you all here; I've always regarded the remaining copies of the EP as the only way that I might get back some of the cash that this whole Hero escapade has cost me. Which is why I have them and the other heroes don't

    Saying that, drop me a PM or mail, and I'm sure we can come to a suitably Vulture-esque accord.
    Don't call it a comeback... H, N, and the number 7.
    Ok, it's a bit of a comeback, I suppose...