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    While sorting through my records, I turned up something I'd not paid much attention to before - Chico Rodriguez and His Tijuana Sound. It's on Boulevard (4102), from '73 and seems to be the third volume in their Tijuana series. In reality, its barely a tijuana record at all and, as well as probably the best version of Beautiful Dreamer that I've heard and some okay kitschy trumpet stuff, it's got one absolutely cracking Brazilian type groover called 'Coffee Shake' composed by 'Doufourny' with drums-a-go-go.

    Can't turn up any info, beyond what is presumably one of the other volumes failing to sell for 25p on the 'bay and a dealer selling it for the some-what pricey sum of twenty quid:

    Anyone know anythign about this? Who was he? What's his other stuff like?

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    Chico Rodriguez was actually a catch-all psuedonym for recordings by a number of different people bought in from various European independent production companies and put out on one LP.

    'J Doufourny' is a pseudonym for Gerard Stellaard (see the Bar-Rock thread for more about him&#33, German composer/arranger Carlos Diernhammer was behind some of the other tracks, and more still were by an unknown group that I think may have been recorded in Italy by the Capriola label (still trying to confirm this).

    Stellaard also did another version of 'Coffee Shake' called 'Shake, Baby, Shake', performed by 'Peter Romano', which appeared on some dodgy Dutch label, and if anything it's even better, being a bit faster and performed on piano/electric piano with a bit more of a Ray Charles edge.

    Also worth looking out for is Tijuana vol.2 which has a great version of 'House Of The Rising Sun' with some brilliant twangy guitar.

    I've definitely got a spare of vol 2, and I may have a spare vol 1 as well, if you want them.


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      nothing to do with pedro martinez, by any chance? got a nice speed-latin tune by him on a contour somewhere...


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        In a way - some of the Pedro Martinez tracks were by Carlos Diernhammer, who did some of the Chico Rodriguez tracks. The Contour LP was a production by the German company Motive Music, and all their usual suspects put in an appearance - Fred Spannuth, Martin Laiser, Diernhammer etc.

        I think the Contour LP was also issues as a BBC Coded Music LP.


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          wow. as ever, top knowledge mr thames. i'm going to dig that track out now and give it a play.

          what are the coded music lp's all about then? never seen one.


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            As far as I can tell, they were a sort of early version of the Radioplay LPs, I think, providing music recorded abroad they could use to get around needle-time restrictions. They were used a lot on the test card, and Radio 2 used them a fair bit as well (there was a lot of Mozart Edition on R2 in the 60s - much better than the rubbish they play now&#33.

            Many of them were straight reissues of library LPs - the ones by the Oscar Brandenburg Orchestra (KPM recordings taken from their RPM label) are a bit nice.


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              Brilliant! Love to get hold of Vol. 2 if that's cool...


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                Let me know what you've got to trade (I'm not fussy, I like any old tat, me&#33 and I'm sure we can come to some arrangement!


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                  Will do, just sorting out a trades list as it happens. I'll get back to you Monday or so if thats okay...

                  Good job you're into tat. It's a speciality.



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                    Well, managed to find a Volume 2 off my own bat but at the mo I'm listening to another Chico Rodriguez album. On Boulevard, from 1970 this time - '16 Great Hits From Tijuana Volume One'. This time for a lot of the tracks they've obviously roped in a crazy jazz drummer. Lots of them have jazz breaks in and he's pretty funky throughout. The tracks themselves aren't particularly up to much but just wondering who this guy could be. Any ideas? Sure other less parpy stuff with him on would be brilliant.

                    No clue on the sleeve or anything, writing credits to 'Rodriguez'.
                    Mixes, compilations and the like


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                      I'll have a listen to vol 1 when I get home - I can't remember offhand what it's like. If it's Gerry Stellaard, chances are the drummer's Eddy Esser, but as I said above, the Chico Rodriguez name hides a number of guilty parties!

                      I'll see what I can come up with for you.


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                        Check the ...'Volga Boatmen' track. That's where it's most obvious!
                        Mixes, compilations and the like