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Congratulations to the head gardener!

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  • Congratulations to the head gardener!

    Big Congratulations to our very own Head Gardner!

    What an amazing story, Shane!
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    Crikey! That's pretty hardcore. Congratulations HG.


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      A band that I know from York was on that show - The Static Waves, bloody ace they are too. So double congrats!!!


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        And George is a superb name! There aren't enough Georges (or Alfs) in the world anymore.

        No word on what young George was listening to in those crucial early hours, though?

        a giant steam-powered turntable in warwickshire plays six foot cement recordings of Prince Albert's speeches to the rejoicing populace


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          Well done Shane, Pleased everything went well!
          Even more involved than me!!

          Well done to your wife aswell, what a lovely surprise!


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            Well done that man.

            Was it the years of honing your manual dexterity on the decks that enabled you to deliver the baby with such deftness?

            I'm in total agreement that George is a great name. I am particularly fond of Sidney too.
            He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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              Congrats to you both... didn't realise you lived so close to me. I shall sink a few at the White Elephant in honour!
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                Heyyy, thanx for all the love x kind words guys,
                it has been a quite traumatic week! But we are
                all just so happy that we have been blessed with
                such a great healthy bundle of joy!
                As Stevie Wonder almost said, "Isn't He Lovely"
                I will indeed be sorting a 'Baby Mix' at sometime in
                the future too as I am already itching to flex my
                mixing muscle, my love muscle has had enough
                action recently!

                The birthing event itself wasn't that scary at the time
                as it was all seemed to be so natural, and with all this talk
                of MRSA etc I am glad we were at home and just sitting
                in the front room. I guess the scariest bit was when he
                came out with the cord tied round his neck & body 4 times!
                But a few turns and a slap on the arse and he literally sprang
                to life! I must be in the wrong profession... mind you the
                cord cutting bit I left to the experts.
                I would also like to thank those of you who have sent me their
                special mixes for future broadcast on the show too, your
                very kind and I look forward to spinning them all at some time.
                I think I deserve a drink this weekend
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