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  • Recordspots in barcelona?...

    BARCELONA..can anybody tell me where's the best diggin spots are?
    can you explain to me what this word means?

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    some good flea markets (outside the cathedral - the real one, not the gaudi one - and the bottom end of las ramblas) occasionally have stuff.

    there are a couple of shops in the gothic quarter, but there's one street at the top end of las ramblas on the left (looking uphill with your back to the sea) that has a few good shops on it. i think one was called 'revolver'.

    barcelona does turn up good stuff but most of the people i've talked to have got the real heat from hookups with private dealers or just collectors over there, not from shops. the shops and markets are pretty dry.

    don't neglect the singles bins either - lots of goodness only got issues on 45 in spain.
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      you should definately check out "wah wah" if you get the chance...


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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] (the bearded one @ July 23 2004,11:38)]you should definately check out "wah wah" if you get the chance...
        Yep, and I think that's the street that Ed was referring to. It's about five minutes walk 'behind' the big food market on La Ramblas.
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