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Nick ingman vs emma bunton = ?

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  • Nick ingman vs emma bunton = ?

    Just a heads up as it don't look like anyone else has mentioned it: after warming to Emma Bunton's dodgy bossa singles, I bought the album (complete with nice authentic looking 60's sleeve) and noticed that Nick Ingman is responsible for the orchestra. She's obviously gone to some lengths to get that true retro sound down. After a quick listen, it sounds pretty good - dodgy bossa single being by far the best - with nice, lush orchestra from Mr Ingman.

    Anyone else tempted?

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    Mr Ingmans a really busy man when it comes to arranging orchestrations. The lucky lucky man arranged on all the Portishead and conducted at that amazing New York gig. Cool! <- Changed URL


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      I reckon I&#39;ve mentioned this before, but Mr Ingman also gets an arranging credit on Goldfrapp&#39;s &#39;Black Cherry&#39; album.

      Can never make my mind up about Miss Goldfrapp, would I / wouldn&#39;t I?

      Not that I&#39;d ever get the chance&#33;
      Jet Boy stole my baby.


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        Ditto for the Sugababes and Ash (?).


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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] (Brother Logic @ July 23 2004,09:33)]Ditto for the Sugababes and Ash (?).
          Nope, I concur with Sugababes but never really wonder &quot;would I / wouldn&#39;t I&quot; about Ash. Except possibly the bassist. Arf.
          Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...


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            Goldfrapp - If you removed all the slap and all her &#39;cool&#39; neo-nazi-sado stylings would probably look like a dogs arse.

            Sugababes. Hmmmm. The wee scouse one probably. The moody ones nah.

            And Ash? Surely it must only be the bassist? Is she fit? I&#39;ve never actually seen her face. Normally she scowls behind her hair.
   <- Changed URL


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              Not sure Serms, I think Alison Goldfrapp could well be a cutie.

              Thinking about indie-chicks though, there have been some storming young ladies over time who have defined my sexual fantasies through the years:

              Miki from Lush, Donna from Elastica, Laetitia from Stereolab, Toni from Curve, Charlotte from Slowdive, Kim and Kelly from Breeders/Pixies (that&#39;s probably my ultimate threesome), Kelli from Sneaker Pimps (cousin of one of my Uni mates, I think Kelli&#39;s hanging round with Bootsy now, so fair play there), Tanya from Throwing Muses and Sonya from Echobelly.

              Ahhh, lovely. Still, I&#39;d swap the lot for Ms Stefani.
              Jet Boy stole my baby.