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Happy birthday hadrian

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  • Happy birthday hadrian

    May I wish you all the best.
    records - one a week mixcloud
    records - one a week soundcloud

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    Indeed many, many happies Lord Elephant!


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      have a good one chap!
      Chops for show, groove for dough.


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        July, birth month of champions !

        Happy birthday fella
        Matt Hero


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          Hang on, the calendar says you're 32 today Hayd? Surely Vulture rules mean you should be 31 or 33 this year?!?

          Hope your day is full of   ,   and   mate!!! And not so many of these...

          You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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              Birthday greetings, H.
              Endless Tripe


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                Have a splendid time.


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                  Yes, have a great day &#33;      
                  I can&#39;t compete with Blighty&#39;s blinding googling there, but this is just weird . . .

                  Laminated with Clarifoil™

                  also see :


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                    happy birthday Hayd&#33;
                    new SPOKE release: >>> SEE HERE <<< RKM LIBRARY BEATS


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                      Why thanks one and all

                      No joking about that pidgeon. I think it placed a hex on me with it&#39;s dying coo.

                      Over the weekend I had a string of badpigeondeathkarma incidents:

                      Friday - A horde of drunken Scottish women office workers yelling &quot;is this shit all you play? Put Simple Minds on&#33;&quot; at the club I scrape a living at. I wouldn&#39;t mind but every time one leant over to articulate her hatred of the music more clearly she either caused the needle to skate off the record or hit the off switch on the deck.....

                      Saturday - I drove my car into the gate near my house causing a lovely scratch all down the side.

                      Sunday - I revisited local dealer &#39;Milky&#39; and finished trawling through the part of his Garage I hadn&#39;t finished the week before. 4 hours later I had found bugger all of merit. Bear in mind that the previous week me &amp; my mate had grabbed stuff like Blossom Dearie &#39;Thats Just...&#39;, &#39;All You Need Is Keith Mansfield&#39;, the first Superkids 12&quot; on Hot Day + various less rare but still good 80&#39;s Hip Hop and House 12&quot;s. Oh well, his Missus makes a nice cuppa...

                      BBQ with the family tonight.

                      I expect a freak tornado to be headeing towards West Suffolk as I type&#33;
                      He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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                        MANY HAPPY RETURNS HAYDSKI

                        SEE YA IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS BA.
                        Whats you&#39;re style ?