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    has roy etzel done anything good, apart from the couple of tracks "paranoid" and "the witch" (both on mr hopkinson's mix)? i saw a few of his albums recently for a quid each and was wondering if i should pick 'em up... they didn't feature either of those tracks.

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    In my experience he's more of yer typical square Eddie Calvert type trumpeter (though I'd like to hear his 'Paranoid'&#33 I think it's a case of checking the track listings, really.

    If you buy them and don't like them, I'll buy them off you.


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      the tracklistings were all in spanish!

      i'll take a punt and get back to you, lord T. i've also got some other trading business to talk to you about, so expect a PM.


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        Gracias, senor (& el pussycato&#33


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          Lord Thames, pm me if you would like a copy of my Easter Mix with that Paranoid on it . . .

          I've never picked anything else up by him, btw Wooly, tho all of that lp is in a similar mode, and has a great picture on the sleeve inside a clothes / record shop.
          Laminated with Clarifoilâ„¢

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