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  • Hey

    whats up everyone. i registered with the site a while back but for a little over a year i havent had regular acess to the internet. also now i live in LA. anyway you may see me around more now.

    i have tried to check up on the site from time to time. i bought the L Soul record number #2 although i havent had a chance to listen to it since for the past year all vinyl and turntables are in storage. so i just sent it home to my parents house. also what was the label that put out that poppa large mash up record. i got that and wanted to see what else they have been up to. also in my order (i think i ordered 3 copies) they tossed in a mix CD that was nice.

    also user sermad was working on and had up a library record site. what was the url?

    did those KPM shirts come out? what are the chances of a MP2000 shirt?

    anyway nothing major in this post just saying hey.


  • #2

    some good stuff has happened over the past year, with all of those projects you mentioned. just to bring you up to date a bit:

    licorice soul have a website at so if you're missing any of their singles, check that out.

    the KPM t-shirts did indeed come out in fine style - the viscount is the one you need to speak to there - contact him at and hopefully he'll still have a shirt for you.

    sermad's website continues to enthrall all who pass by:

    that's about it!