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Funky anime soundtrack?!?

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  • Funky anime soundtrack?!?

    Just testing to see if my avatar works really, but has anyone seen a film called Lupin 3rd, Castle of Cagliostro? made in the eighties but has the funkiest soundtrack, kind of Schifrin with more synths. As far as I'm aware no soundtrack available but worth picking up the DVD just for that (the films cracking too.)

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    Yeah I have two lupin ost's and a couple of remix lps. They are superb in places! <- Changed URL


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      Any idea if this ones available? I take it they&#39;re on CD. Remix Lps sound interesting...


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        If you liked castle of cagliostro you can download the 1st Lupin III TV series and a couple of other Lupin movies via the wonders of Bittorrent at this website.  Jewelthief-tastic&#33;

        EDIT: some quick internet snooping showed that a few Lupin OSTs where released on vinyl in the early 80s.  God knows where to find them though (Shibuya maybe a good start   )
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