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  • Cheap cd burners

    Wotcher chaps - need your advice, please.

    I'm looking into getting meself one of those CD Burner things. My requirements are twofold, really:

    1. It has to be good enough to produce demo CDs of my silky-smooth newsreading and voice-over skills that will blow potential employers out of the water. (and of course, do nice CDs for you lot as and when required&#33

    2. It also has to be as cheap as possible.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. Any info on software/cables/technical gubbins required would also be gratefully received, as I'm a total novice on this front.

    Ta very much.

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    it depends if you mean a standalone unit, or one that will fit into your computer.

    if it's the latter, i actually have quite a nice burner spare which is available for trade! it also reads dvd's.


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      and if you mean the stand alone one check ebay for the ex demo richer sounds stuff. That turns up some very cheep things and i think they have one on at the moment

      also do watch some of the stand alone audio ones as they only work with the audio cdr's and they can cost more than the computer cdr's


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        i was kinda wondering the same thing, almost atleast. im looking for a dvd burner.. but im very confused by all the formats


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          Thanks, guys, much appreciated.

          Wooly, you may have a taker for that burner.......


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            so i see, just mailed you back btw.