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  • Lord Thames
    I'll have the Legrand one please, Lee!

    'Lush Sound' is an odd one - most of LP 2 is nicked from Pete Moore's 'Exciting Sounds Of Tomorrow' on Rediffusion, and I don't think all the tracks on LP 1 are by the same orchestra. Also on another LMO LP the version of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is apparently Alan Parker's, nicked from the Guitar Fantasy LP on Aristocrat.

    There are a couple of LMO LPs that are definitely by John Fiddy - one on Enterprise (I think) and another one ('Thames&#39 on Polydor. But I think in a lot of cases the LMO was just a generic umbrella name used by Enterprise to cover a variety of bought-in material they put out.

    I'll be honest, I'm just as confused as you are!

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  • LDJB
    started a topic London moods orch

    London moods orch

    I know this has been raised before but I can't remember if it was ever resolved - who was behind the London Moods Orch? I found a spare of Lush Sounds and next to it was 'Plays Michel Legrand' - I was quite excited - until I heard it - what a load of old bollocks. Surely can't be the work of John Fiddy?

    Oh - if anyone wants the Legrand one they can have it for the price of postage.