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  • Sweet groove!

    Hi Vultures,

    does anyone know who the flautist is on the track "The Original Choggle Choggle"?
    This tune is featured on the aussie educational film "Only One Way" from 1971. OCC plays during a sequence where people run out in front of moving vehicles. Bizarre!!

    God bless Fatso.

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    No idea but slightly related... another track from that album plays on the radio in the laundry as Lizzie Brdsworth danced about in an early episode of the aussie show Prisoner!
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      Really? Lizzi had good taste.
      God bless Fatso.


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        I'd say there is an extremely strong possibility that the flautist on "The Original Choggle Choggle" is Harold McNair as he was doing a lot of KPM sessions around this time - certainly seems to have been KPM's no.1 flautist.

        There are a few very nice tracks on "Sweet Groove", my other favourite being James Clarke's "Through Misty Eyes".
        A leaping rocker with a strong mood, a moderate beat and a safari feel.


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          Yes, I'd guess McNair as well, though there's an outside chance it could be Duncan Lamont or Bob Efford. Are there any moments on the LP when he goes into full-on screaming buzz-flute mode, because that'd be the clincher - it's amazing hearing his solos on the 60s Syd Dale sessions!

          I don't have the LP, alas, but I've got a few tracks on CD so I'll have a listen - if it's the Blue Mink gang playing on it then chances are it is Harold.