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  • Easter swap feedback

    I can't find the flippin' thread on this, so apologies for putting this on a new thread: I've only managed to get around to listening to some more today and Amino's gets my vote for the best one, bloody amazing 'weird gear' and the best designed sleeve to boot! Hats off to you sir!

    I'm sure there's loads of other posts already up saying the same thing - just thought I'd add mine, albiet in the wrong place.

    One question: Track 12 by Tapani Kansa. I remember a version of this on a film - I can't remember which one, but it might be old and it might be a favourite of mine, but I totally recognise the arrangement. Any idea what film I'm trying to remember or the verison in question? The Tapani Kansa is my favourite track on this CD too...

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    Thank you Sir!

    Tapani Kansa song is a cover version of Last Tango in Paris sung in Finnish like almost every song in my tape

    That song is available in 7" which usually have pretty bad sound since it's full of fuzz. It's also available on Tapani Kansa Story 2 compilation which usually has better sound quality. 7" is pretty hard to find, but compilation is easier and it has really cool graphic cover. If you're intrested I can hunt it down?


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      oh yeah!   really on point today (and yesterday)