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    I found this 45 with the tracks I Remember / Power on English Decca from 1971. Now I'm wondering which lp are these tracks from, as I don't have much info on his releases before the Soul Makossa lp on French Fiesta. Was the Soul Makossa lp released in the UK on Decca, and are these tracks from a previous lp on Fiesta and thus released in the UK on Decca? Hmm..can someone clear this out for me?

    Power is a nice funky tune, with heavy guitar..liking it.

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    Don't mean to hijack your thread Seamus and sorry I don't know the origin of the 45, but I also have a little Dibango dilemma.

    Does anyone here have a copy of the second issue of Africadelic on AMI France? The original release on Mondiophone does not contain a track listing as the AMI issue does (simply goes Theme No.1, Theme No. 2, etc). African Battle and Soul Fiesta are obvious but I do not know the names of other tunes on the LP.

    A scan of the AMI back cover may not work as I believe the track order is different on both (Soul Fiesta is track 1, side A, African Battle is track 3, side A on the Mondo release).

    If anyone can help or know of an easy way to determine this, it would be greatly appreciated.



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      Took me a while..but finally answered this question myself, while randomly exploring the thing we like to call internet.

      That must be the French release.


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        Was the UK issue the same as the JR Dibbs but under his correct name?

        It says on that site it was French only, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
        He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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          Slightly related but has anyone seen this thing at the barbican about Fela Kuti?

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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (Hadrian Elephant @ Sep. 16 2004,15:33)]Was the UK issue the same as the JR Dibbs but under his correct name?

            It says on that site it was French only, but that doesn&#39;t seem to be the case.
            The UK issue is under Dibango&#39;s own name...just noticed that it was released on Decca in 1974, and states that the record was originally released in 1971 (I guess that refers to the Dibbs release in France). So, I guess Jr. Dibbs was really Manu Dibango. What a clever pseudonym

            More psychish than most of his other stuff..but a nice tune anyway.