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  • Fake paypal emails

    Ok, looks like there's another of those fake Paypal mails hitting your inboxes this afternoon...Keep 'em peeled

    As follows:

    eBay Safeharbor Department Notice

    Fraud Alert ID : 00626654

    Dear eBay member,

    You have received this email because you or someone else had used your identity to make false purchases on eBay. For security reasons, we are required to open an investigation on this matter. We treat online fraud seriously and all cases which cannot be resolved between eBay and the other involved party are forwarded for further investigations to the proper authorities. To speed up this process, you are required to verify your personal information against the eBay account registration data we have on file by following the link below.

    Please save this fraud alert id for your reference.

    When submitting sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and off-line. When our registration/order form asks users to enter sensitive information (such as credit card number and/or social security number), that information is encrypted and is protected with the best encryption software in the industry - SSL.

    Please Note - If your account informations are not updated within the next 72 hours, we will assume this account is fraudulent and it will be suspended. We apologize for this inconvenience, but the purpose of this verification is to ensure that your eBay account has not been fraudulently used and to combat fraud.

    We apreciate your support and understanding, as we work together to keep eBay a safe place to trade.

    Thank you for your patience in this matter.

    Regards, Safeharbor Department (Trust and Safety Department)
    eBay International
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    Recieved that one as well.

    When will this Bloody stop, really gets my goat.
    can't someone shut these prats down ?

    Whats you're style ?


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      I had this one this morning. In the box where it asked for my ebay password and ID I told the thieving cunts to fuck off. Then I was asked to hand over all my credit card details in which I took the opportunity to tell the to stop stealing money from people who don't have any. In a less polite manner of course. The thing is all that information gotes back to the wankers so use the opportunity to express yourself to the fullest.