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  • Sending records overseas

    i'm not new to this but i'd like to hear some opinions from those of you that frequently send records overseas. i've packaged the records fairly well using cardboard stiffeners and bubble wrap but my question is, what dollar amount do you usually assign for value? I know most of you have to pay duties on items depending on value, so what's the etiquette for this sorta thing? if a person bought a record from me for $40 do I write in a lesser amount (say $10) so that the buyer doesn't have to pay duties? how do you deal with this? should I write in the actual amount paid by the buyer?

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    This is kind of a stupid question as far as I'm thinking of it. Of course it's really kind and thoughtful of you to write lesser amount so that the buyer just pays the normal price and shipping without duties. Since the postage is always pretty high, as a buyer I really wouldn't like to pay any extras as duties.

    The duty and tax thing is also pretty stupid thing at least here in Finland. The duty isn't so bad, it's something like 3,5%, but then they count the sales tax which is 22% of the amount of the records and duty. But if you buy used records here in Finland the seller don't have to pay any sales tax. So basicly here isn't any logic. You pay sales tax if you buy used records abroad, but not here in Finland. The system sucks


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      there's an easy solution..

      always state the correct value, incase it goes missing- you don't want that rare $$$$ beauty the postie nicks to be only insured for $10


      always mark it as a 'gift', thereby neatly side stepping import taxes.. that do suck in finland


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        but none of the records i'm sending are insured. i've asked the buyers if they wanted it and they opted not to so the records are being sent at their risk. I've marked past records as $10 value/gift items and so far so good.


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          if there's no insurance then it doesn't really matter then.. i'd always mark as a 'gift' though to avoid the possible import taxes