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  • Resignation letter

    Will be handing in my notice at work in the morning. Never done it before so don't really know what it should say

    Brief and to the point - "I'm leaving - bye"?

    A bit more waffle?

    I'm leaving to work for a near competitor, and due to the nature of the business (precious metal) I'm pretty sure I'll be marched from the premises straightaway without the need to work my notice

    So whaddya reckon it should say?

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    Nice to say it has been a pleasure enriching my life with the experince I've gained from the valuable experience of my fellow colleagures... and to the cleaner for emptying my bin daily...
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      Originally posted by RedX View Post

      So whaddya reckon it should say?

      The truth

      good luck


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        Try to be pleasant, you never know when youll need a reference!


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          "Its been great working here but another oppurtunity has become available which I believe will improve my work experience etc" or some such waffle. You never know you may want to come back to your current place of work at some point so don't piss anyone off, the dickhead in the office could be in charge of HR in 12 months!!!


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            It very much depends on how you get on with whoever you have to give notice to. As a basic, if you don't know your notice period -

            Dear Boss,

            I am writing to formally inform you that I have secured another position and will be leaving the company after a suitable period of notice has been agreed, commencing from this date, 21.01.10.

            [OPTIONAL: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your suppprt / indifference / shittiness in my time here, it is most appreciated]

            Yours Sincerely,

            Red X

            It is quite formal, but then I am a Civil Servant.
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              These answers are too sensible - do what you feel


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                You don't have any restrictive covenants in your contract of employment do you? You're in the kind of niche industry where you might. If so, tread carefully if you are going to work for a competitor
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                  I've so much wanted to do the equivalent of leaving a turd on my boss's desk, but I've normally realised it's not a good idea - usually just as the turtle's head is popping out of his shell onto my ex-manager's cheap Ikea veneered desk.

                  References are a bit of a myth - most companies are so scared nowadays of the legal implications of giving a bad reference that they'll only give just the legal requirement of saying "Mr/Mrs X worked here between this date and that date" and most prospective employers and agencies are happy with that as it validates your CV. Anything nasty - or that can be construed as nasty - and they realise they're open to trouble (not so much the really small companies but definitely anything larger). It all sounds fine as you smear your resignation over your boss's desk with your smelly brown egg, but think about it: if almost all other references are "He/she worked here" don't you want a reference that puts you above the competition and says "He worked here and was the bollocks!"? Bite the bullet, tighten your sphincter and wait until you've got the nice shiny reference in writing.

                  And once you're safe (and most importantly) stable in your new job you can can tell everyone at your ex-workplace what your c*nt of a boss (or co-employeeS) REALLY thought and said about them. If you still have reasonably close contacts in your previous company you have the joy of watching the inevitable fallout from a distance...

                  Remember, it's a buyers market as far as employers are concerned at the moment, but if you've got skills it will change in the next year or so in your down-troden favour. Oh, and you should never forget that the beauty of revenge is one of the most joyous and fulfiling experiences your soul can ever feel...

                  RF (Who has been reading a bit too much Livy and Machiavelli recently...)
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                    Looked on a few "how to write a resignation letter" sites and decided short, polite, and to the point is the way to go. I've only been there just over six months, and after having been unemployed for the previous six months I was very grateful just to get back into work. My work colleagues are all very nice and I will miss (most of) them, but as I'll only be around the corner I'm sure our paths will cross. The manager is a dickhead though and the director, well... I can see who the Death Eaters in Harry Potter were based on. Probably toned down a bit too. Positively the most unpleasant person I've ever met in my life

                    Didn't sign a contract of employment and don't forsee any problems. The usual drill is that you just leave straightaway

                    Guess I'll find out tomorrow morning...


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                      Originally posted by Col Wolfe
                      give notice via the medium of mime
                      Love it.
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                        An ex-colleague of mine very cleverly wrote a resignation letter that seemed very nice until you noticed that the first letter on each line spelled out F-U-C-K Y-O-U
                        How we laughed!
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                          Originally posted by Expury70 View Post
                          An ex-colleague of mine very cleverly wrote a resignation letter that seemed very nice until you noticed that the first letter on each line spelled out F-U-C-K Y-O-U
                          How we laughed!
                          Wasn't there a story like that about some typesetters who did the same, but with the front page of their newspaper? Likewise some council workers who planted their message in the spring so that it would appear once they'd left for the summer. Say it with flowers indeed.

                          Used to have a bunch of old Anarchist pamphlets/ zines with stories like that. Anyone on here remember Buffo, or Spectacular Times?

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                              i just write a more polite verion of


                              im leaving on this date, this is my notice.