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    picked this up today on a whim and I'm diggin' it. is the entire Soul Jazz catalog worth investigating? what other labels are on a similar tip with a good selection of soul/funk/reggae?

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    These are worth checking:
    Studio One Rockers (
    Studio One Scorchers (
    100% Dynamite (
    Impact! (

    Impact! is full of funky stuff and really rare stuff also. 100% Dynamite is what it says. Rest of the X00% Dynamite series isn't that good, it goes more to dancehall stuff, but every compilation has it's moments...

    Also from Blood & Fire catalog you should get this:
    Darker Than Blue: Soul from Jamdown (1973-1980)

    Basicly if you liked the Studio One sound on Soul, you can't go wrong with any of these Soul Jazz compilations. After you have bought these you can get ready to forget everything else since all your money starts to go with Studio One catalog. After a while you notice that hey these couple of funky tracks has same 'rhythm' and you start find out that there is like 10 songs with same rhythm and you start to dig 7" singles out and notice that there is also 'version' side with less singing and more funkiness After this you start to buy Dub records which is an another world out there

    The funkiness weren't only in Studio One. Basicly the main names start their careers with Coxsone (R.I.P.) and they spread the Studio One style all around. But I think that after a while the funkiness isn't the thing you're looking for - the sound, the harmony, the thing, I just can't descripe it, it's really something...

    Welcome to the club. Been there, done that


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      that was a good run down from amino - I'd certainly be cautious before running out and buying the whole soul jazz catalog! Things like the Philadephia Roots comp might be someone elses cup o tea but it ain't mine ..

      IMO studio one soul is one of the best comps they've put out

      I'd jump into a dub LP or two - might I suggest Harry Mudie meets King Tubbys in Dub volume 1 (Harry Mudie did a lot of production on the funkier side of reggae - the labels are moodies and moods) and Augustus Pablo - Java Java Java (that said theres a fair bit of Augustus around) - he was magnificent on the harmonica. You might alos like one or two of the wackies releases - things like Sugar Minnot, the Lovejoys, Creation Dub or Natures Dub. Zap Pow is another group to keep an eye out for

      Also, those soundbwoy super reggae comps have some nice obscurities in the vien of studio one soul, particulary vol 2 the one with the green cover


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        Almost forget to put out the obvious one:
        Jackie Mittoo: The Keyboard King at Studio One (Universal Sound)


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          I'm listening to DJ Muro's super reggea breaks right now and that's great source for funky and soulful reggae. i also did like the 300% dynamite very, very much.


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            I'm too scared to get involved with all the reggae soul 45s...


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              I rather liked Saturday Night Fish Fry (the companion to 100% dynamite) and NU Yorica! 2 (excellent Fania tracks) - I meant to look into more of these but ran out of such disposable income...
              Now this!


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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (Nick Cope @ Aug. 11 2004,10:54)]I'm too scared to get involved with all the reggae soul 45s...
                Never scurred son!

                Oh whoops, wrong forum?
                You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                  thanks for the recommendations, I'll check them out on my next visit to the record store.


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                    200% Dynamite changed my life!
                    Before 200% life was dull, i had no friends, but with 200%everything now seems ire!!    

                    Seriously tho...  this lp really started me on the whole reggae tip & I don't think i've heard a better comp!
                    Tom drunk, ring the alarm, rockers rock, melting pot, funky kingston!! I could go on!

                    300% is on a similar tip, a round up of classic ska, rocksteady n soul
                    (bam bam, under me sleng tenge, jungle lion)

                    it wasn't really till 400% they started to introduce bits of dancehall (which i have now sucummed to&#33

                    Love the Otis Gayle track, "I'll be around" on the Studio Soul btw!!


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                      how do the Soul Jazz reggae comps rate compared to the Trojan Reggae boxsets? The Trojan boxsets seem like a better deal---I can get 3 discs worth of music of any style of reggae for less than what I would pay for a single disc on Soul Jazz. are the track selections from the Soul Jazz comps exclusive to their label or can I find the same stuff on the Trojan boxsets?


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                        The Soul Jazz stuff is pretty much always Studio One (or related stuff) and the Trojan is....erm....Trojan stuff although they do license other stuff I believe.

                        I've got most of the Soul Jazz comps (a dealer punts me his cast off freebies) and I'd have to say they are pretty solid - both the JA stuff and the Soul / Funk comps - the recent Chicago one was great for doing the washing up to!
                        "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                          Got three Soul Jazz things I think... 'ESG: A South Bronx Story', 'New York Noise: Dance Music From The New York Underground 1978-1982' and 'The World Of Arthur Russell'. All of them rule: ESG is funky as hell (saw them live a while back, brilliant. They threw a t-shirt into the crowd and I caught it ), New York Noise is rocky dance music like The Contortions and Arthur Russell is brilliant avant-garde disco.

                          As for Trojan, the ska box is mind-blowing but I found the dub one a bit ho-hum apart from a few tracks...


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                            with the dub - a lot of the stuff on a label like trojan is basically your stock standard reggae versions, nothing wrong with that, plenty of effects and delay and the like, but if you want some more 'interesting' dubs you need to check for particular producers - see Harry Mudie, Jackie Mittoo - or actual bands like Zap Pow

                            I'm not the biggest fan of reggae comps myself, I don't think they really do the music / or producers the justice it/they deserve .. each producer has such a distinct sound, be it King Tubby, Prince Fari, Augustus Pablo, the Scientist, Lee Perry or someone else ..  anyway, horses for courses