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    Can anyone recommend a good reasonably priced (or cheap) car CD player and some speakers?

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    top price? <- Changed URL


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      I haven&#39;t even thought about it to be honest, Sermad. Can I get something decent for about £150? Player and speakers. I&#39;m not after some incredible booming system but I want it to sound good. I&#39;m also after something that will play old funky stuff and sound good. That&#39;s stating the obvious though I guess.


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        £150 isnt toooo bad. If you can step up to £200 then you can get a 150 ish unit and 50 ish speakers.

        The trouble is fitting them costs loads (£50 easy). Do halfords still do a free fitting service?

        Ok Ive had a look at the halfords site. Yes they do free instore fitting which is gold dust.

        For me Sony, Panasonic and Alpine are the daddies for head units. With your budget I&#39;m leaning towards a Sony head unit with panasonic speakers. I&#39;m guessing the speakers are for your front doors. I&#39;ll see if I can get door mounted bass/mids and tweaters for the dash.

        Oh and for that price you wont get a changer. But you can upgrade later if need be.

        I&#39;ll go look now.

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          a little anecdotal perhaps, but i remember a friend telling me about someone he knew who upgraded his car stereo system. apparently he had the back end of the car extended and welded together again (&quot;cut &amp; shut&quot; they call it) to accomodate two huge 40&quot; subs.

          the story ends when the bloke inevitably got his collar felt and had to hand his licence over, due to the car modification. it seems said vehicle can still be seen to this day, on his mum&#39;s driveway.


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            Cheers Sermad. My brother actually works for Halfords so I can get a good deal there anyway. If they can fit them too for free then that would be fantastic. I&#39;ll have to talk to him about that. I&#39;m not worried about a changer for the time being. Just need get away from the bog standard cassette player. I hardly have any cassettes.


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              Ok to me this is bargain stuff.


              I got my sister the model above this for last year and she loves it. So this one should still be fackin magic.

              Ok for speakers I haven&#39;t specced any. Expect to pay £20 per pair for the main door speakers and £15 per pair for the tweeters. Add ontop of lal of this £50 for fitting or try halfords (I bet they wont stock the units you want though).

              If you want more welly then adding (or replacing? I dont know if you have them) rear speakers is a must. This will improve the audio in the car loads. I used to run 7x10&#39;s in my boot under stealth carpet (hides the speakers so little oiks dont nick them). Maybe you can do this later.
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                Oh right if he works for halfords then I bet he can swing 30% possibly or atleast scam a free fitting through the books.

                Remember though don&#39;t skimp on the speakers&#33; No point sticking in £130 stereo only to stick in £5 speakers&#33; Try and go over budget if poss to get the best kit you can. You&#39;ll only be moody later if the speakers don&#39;t kick it&#33;

                Oh and replacing the front door speakers is sooo easy. Normally the wiring has clips on it so they just snap in. Otherwise its a bit of soldering (also very easy). Fitting the head unit is very easy too.

                The hard parts are mounting the CD Changer which involve drilling into the chassis normally around the petrol tank&#33;
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                  Cheers Sermad. Really appreciate your help. I&#39;ll do a bit more digging for info online and talk to my brother and it shouldn&#39;t be to long before I&#39;m bumping those Queen greatest hits CDs out on the mean streets of Bournemouth.