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Track markers / id's when creating cds

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  • Track markers / id's when creating cds

    technical assistance required please..!!

    how do you put track marks / id's on individual tracks in mixes once you've already recorded them to your PC?

    due to practicalities i can't record directly to my PC, i use a sony MD recorder and then record the finished recording to my PC. and i still haven't figured out how to add track id's so that you can skip to the individual tracks, etc. i generally use nero to edit although i've recently downloaded a copy of adobe audition.

    any advice appreciated chaps!

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    Yeah nero does it fine.

    Just make a new audio cd and drag in the single wav file. Then right click on it and go to one of the options. Sorry its not on this pc. You'll then get a waveform display with the ability to drop markers on the wav, move them etc. Then you ok that and voila you have the markers all there! dead easy. <- Changed URL


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      cheers serms i thought you&#39;d probably know&#33; i&#39;ll have a dabble later..


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        I should be back from by about 9:30 so I&#39;ll be online then to check how you&#39;re doing&#33; <- Changed URL