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Gerry roberto & his 1000 velvet strings

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  • Gerry roberto & his 1000 velvet strings

    Bought this from a charity today:

    Suprisingly some very good stuff on it. Although that listing says its by LPO, they only contribute two tracks. There's also five tracks by 'The New World String Orchestra conducted by Herman Lang' but the stuff I'm interested in is by 'Gerry Roberto & his 1000 Velvet Strings' from 1971. Two tracks in particular stand out: 'Turkish Flutes' and Italian Fantasia'. 'Turkish Flutes' is a nice Latin groovy number, which is odd given the name. It seems to rework a classical tune that I can't put my finger on right now. 'Italian Fantasia' has a few too many strings but has an amazing loop that suggests Gerry may have some other corkers elsewhere...


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    Turkish Flutes is a reworking of Rondo A La Turka by Mozart, I think - I've got this LP somewhere.

    I strongly suspect Gerry Roberto is not the real name of the person behind this, but (as so often with Boulevard stuff) it'd be difficult/impossible to find out!


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      Yeah, that's the one. Think I've heard other similar versions actually. And, yeah, 'Gerry Roberto' hardly sounds genuine. But it's a bit of a rubbish pseudonym to be completely original.