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Extradition 'hush'

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  • Extradition 'hush'

    Just been listening again to the reissue of this lovely Australian folk album, and wondered if anyone on here had an original? I believe it's extremely rare - even in its native land - but I wouldn't be surprised
    We know when a mate buys it for you too.

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    I seem to remember Urko mentioning this awhile back, but may have been the re-ish he was talking about...
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      theres on OG (on sweet peach ) up on the bay at he mo

      think they go for big $$ - yet to hear this meself, but its on the list, local spot 'vicous sloth' did a CD reish, I heard there were some bootleg vinyls floating around


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        Yes Wayne I did mention it, only got vinyl reish, but have to echo John's comments    very nice.

        Got mine from Freak Emporium, think it was ltd & numbered so don't know if they still have any.
        For folks sake!