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    anybody have a track listing for Tommy Whittle quintet "easy listening" LP?? just found a weird library issue of this grampa jazz classic on Ember mood music records, got a feeling the tracklisting is different to the tempo issue - which would make it well rare..
    any other titles known on the EMBER library label?

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    I've got four Ember library LPs, all formerly the property of ITV company Associated-Rediffusion.
    Don't know about the Whittle, but they seemed to take their LPs from a variety of sources and stick their own labels on the top of them - one of them, 'Have Band, Will Swing' by Dick Vance, his trumpet and orchestra, is just a commercially available US LP (on the Strand label) with a big Ember label covering up all the track details!
    The rights to the Ember library now rest with Atmosphere Music, and they've done a few CDs of it.