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Any knowlege on ray russell

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  • Any knowlege on ray russell

    ....was given an lp by Ray Russell called "Secret Asylum" on Black Saint from '71, not exactly funky more free jazz skonk, heard his early lps go for $$$, anyone know?

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    I assume this is the same Ray Russell who went on to do a lot of library music in the early 80s - never heard anything very exciting on his libs, though, so tread with caution.


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      The RUNNING MAN album is one of my favourite progrock joints ever (on the short-lived RCA-Neon label).
      He also was a member of MOUSE (album `lady killer`on Sovereign), both lps easily fetch three digit sums, methinks.
      Other projects: CHOPYN , Ray Russell Quartet
      From the latter `Rites and Rituals' is recommended.


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        The Secret Asylum LP is pretty good, although I flogged it for aprox £15.00/£20.00 a bit back.

        The ones that go for a bit of dough are Dragon Hill / Turn Circle and a Live one.

        I once had over £75.00 off ebay for the Dragon Hill but that is way off beam. It's more like a score. He's a fairly out there geetar strummer, bit Hendrix influence on some tracks.
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          blimey. i've got "dragon hill" stashed somewhere. didn't really rate it. now to find it.....