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  • Suspiria - goblin ost

    did anyone else in the UK catch the channel 4 screening of argento's "suspiria" late on saturday night? a real treat, especially for the scary-prog soundtrack provided by goblin.

    anyone else into goblin? i don't have any of their stuff, but if anyone can recommend some vinyl (especially if it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get hold of) i'd be a happy man.

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    Goblin have been booted and comped more times then Ive had hot dinners matey.

    The goblin collection is a perfect start to the amazing sound.

    I have the special edition suspiria on DVD - I only bought it for the music really - the film is sooooo bad.

    Profondo rosso OST - is simply amazing. I still dont have this - About 30 quid should get it I think.

    Tenebre is also wicked and Dawn of the dead (my fave zombie film of all time - I have the anchor bay extended cut..) has a good score.

    Here is a nice little site I just kicked up

    Theres loads more to check out and enjoy - I bet you any money you'll be running after other zombi scores now - once the bug gets can't shake it! Check Fabio Frizzi and Giorgio Tucci for some other great scores. <- Changed URL


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      one of their best is the mostly non-OST sort-of comp &#39;Roller&#39; with the wicked proggy jazz-funk of Snip Snap

      killer band, almost all good...
      Chops for show, groove for dough.


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        This was after &#39;deep red&#39; right ed? Ive heard that roller is good but never got my hands on it.

        You&#39;ll have to bring it down to the next meet... <- Changed URL


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          I think Goblin are pretty good, but I prefer Claudio Simonetti&#39;s post-Goblin work personally. I&#39;d even go so far as to suggest he was instrumental in Chicago house since they were actively playing and ripping off his records there. If you&#39;re into electronic stuff, check all of his gear under the name Capricorn, particularly &#39;I Love You&#39; and &#39;Capricorn&#39;.


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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (sermad @ 12 May 2003,17:30)]I have the special edition suspiria on DVD - I only bought it for the music really - the film is sooooo bad.
            I actually think that&#39;s one of the best witch movies ever made. I love the colors in that movie. Great to see when blessed. I discovered Goblin after seeing the movie.


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              As with all Argento flicks, they&#39;re more about the visuals, camerawork and setting than a good storyline. Deep Red/Profondo Rosso is by far Goblin&#39;s best musical work, check out the Profondo Rosso theme and Death Dies. I don&#39;t really dig the Roller LP, but if you like their other stuff you should definetely check it out. As for other films with Goblin soundtracks, don&#39;t see D&#39;Amato&#39;s &quot;Beyond The Darkness / Buio Omega&quot; unless you have a strong stomache&#33;

              On another note, Dario Argento is now making the third installment in his trilogy about The Three Mothers (Suspiria and Inferno being the first ones). Suspiria is also getting a US-remake by director Steven Katz, which should be crap.


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                thanks serm, theeman, all of you in fact&#33; i will be checking out your recommendations, thanks for the info.

                ladyboygrimsby - thanks for the tip-off on simonetti&#39;s solo work, again i&#39;ll do some sonic research there. cheers&#33;


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                  Yessssssssssssssssssss, another Goblin fan&#33; I personally pray at the altar of this band of hairy medicine munching Progateers. Incredible music. I saw Profundo Rosso on video three years ago and that was it really, I found myself hoofing up the long, dark and pot holed road to Progtopia.

                  I agree with Arno, you simply can&#39;t beat this OST. When I first saw this movie and got to the scene involving the mad puppet, [it was pretty late and I was somewhat intoxicated] I could scarcely believe my eyes, ears, the whole kaboodle. This movie managed to simultaneously scare the living pooh out of me whilst overwhelming my break hungry ears, I mean Death Dies IS breakbeat heaven, right?

                  I had the OST in my hands in less than 5 days and then bought it again and again and even bought the ultra neat little 45 with the two best cuts on it cos I can&#39;t help myself if confronted with Goblin recordings. Having Death Dies on 45 is very special for me.

                  When compared to the suspiria OST, it becomes abundantly clear that this is a very diffrent score indeed&#33; The heavy-weight breakbeat monstrosities on PR are gone and darkness covers the entire proceedings like a veil. This is a truly twisted, deeply experimentalist piece but that is Goblin afterall. I&#39;m not familiar with Simonetti&#39;s later work and it&#39;s impact on the early house scene but when you consider the significance of, say Moroder&#39;s Chase theme and Silvetti&#39;s Spring Rain, it all adds up I guess&#33;
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                    well, it looks like i&#39;ve got some film-hunting as well as vinyl to track down, in that case&#33;&#33; and good to see so many people into goblin.


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                      Wooly - did you have something on xfm last night? I heard something when I was half way out the door...
             <- Changed URL


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                        well i recorded a session for them a few weeks ago - they could have been playing that, or the single.