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    Found a few bits and pieces today, also got a trade package from a fellow vulture:


    Lyn Christopher - S/T
    The Elephant Band - Stone Penguin / Groovin' at the Apollo 45 - Anyone know anything about this?
    Frog - Witchunt / Living Dead 45 (From Psychomania)

    Charities + one proper record store finds:

    Dizzy Gillespie - The Champ
    Eckstine / Basie - Incorporated
    The Rolling Stones - Get Stoned
    AWB - S/T
    The Small Faces - The Singles Album
    The Meters - Trick Bag (Charity find!&#33
    Play Away - S/T - Superstition is a cool track
    The Shadows - Out of the Shadows

    3 Hur El - Hurel Arsivi - This seems to be a Turkish group. This has got tons of drum breaks and cool passages, I'm not a big fan of the vocals, however, they don't entirely spoil the LP.

    Anyone help with any info/values on the following 45's

    Jack Ashford and the Sound of Detroit - Do the Choo-Choo Pts 1+2 - Blaze

    Edison Electric Band - West Wind / Ship of the Future - Cotillion.

    The Festivals - Gee Baby / Give Her Up - Colossus - Both sides produced by Johnny pate, pne side co wrote by Leon Thomas.

    Moments - Sexy Mama / Where Can I Find Her - Stang Records.

    Terry Knight and the Pack - I (Who Have Nothing) / Numbers - Lucky Eleven.

    The Natural Four - Give a Little Love / The Devil Made me do it - Chess.

    Midnight Movers Unlimited - Follow the Wind pts 1+2 - Renee.

    Soul Devalents - This is our Soul / Grasshopper - North Bay.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (llmod1 @ Sep. 04 2004,17:10)]Anyone help with any info/values on the following 45's
    Terry Knight and the Pack - I (Who Have Nothing) / Numbers - Lucky Eleven.
    This is their rarest 45 - 'Numbers' is a heavy fuzz-rocker - seen it go on ebay for £40+ but can get it for a fiver if you search around

    My finds/receipts/upgrades:
    Know Soul/Purple Daze 12" - been after this for donkeys - found one on the net in Italy
    Equipe 84 - Buffa 7" - nice beats/buzzflute
    Hosanna - Hipit 7" - funk trade
    Vanity Fare - Megowd 7" - hammond screamer trade
    Lloyd Alexander Real Estate - Gonna Live Again 7" - best ever President 45!
    Tops - Studio 1635 7" - beaty with mad breakdown
    Gentrys - I Need Love 7" - heavyorganfuzzrock trade
    Nite People - Morning Sun 7" - modrocker trade
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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (llmod1 @ Sep. 04 2004,17:10)]The Elephant Band - Stone Penguin / Groovin&#39; at the Apollo 45 - Anyone know anything about this?

      Anyone help with any info/values on the following 45&#39;s

      Jack Ashford and the Sound of Detroit - Do the Choo-Choo Pts 1+2 - Blaze

      Moments - Sexy Mama / Where Can I Find Her - Stang Records.

      Midnight Movers Unlimited - Follow the Wind pts 1+2 - Renee.
      The Elephant Band is one of the rarer Mojo singles (I assume you have the UK Mojo - I have never heard of or seen a US release of this) and used to go for £100 on some of the more pricier dealers lists. I think it&#39;s cooled a bit since then so is probably more a £40 touch now.

      None of the Moments stuff on Stang is worth much. They were All Platinums best selling band and sold lots of singles on the label and it&#39;s subsidiaries.

      The Midnight Movers &amp; Jack Ashford were both released in the UK on Contempo &amp; Prophesy respectively (not so sure about the latter - this is all off the top of my head), which is how I know them. The UK issues are easy to pick up (£3-£5), the US issues I don&#39;t know about, but I assume they are just as abundant.
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        I felt compelled to drop by Hymie&#39;s Records today and pick up some soul/funk/rnb 45&#39;s (probably worth nothing).

        today&#39;s finds:
        The Marvellettes-My Baby Must Be A Magician / The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game (Jobete Music / Motown)
        Les Baxter-Medic / Unchained Melody (Capitol)
        The Marvellettes-I Need Someone / My Baby Must Be A Magician (Jobete / Motown / Tamla)
        The Secrets /Anthony &amp; The Sophomores-The Boy Next Door / Play Those Oldies, Mr Dee Jay (Merjoda Music)
        The Roomates-Band of Gold / Please Love Me Forever (Eric Records)
        The Royallettes-Poor Boy / Watch What Happens (produced by Teddy Randazzo) (MGM)
        The Caravelles-You Don&#39;t Have To Be A Baby To Cry / Have You Ever Been Lonely (Smash Records)
        Shirly Bassey-Climb Every Mountain / Where Are You (UA)
        The Bon-Bons-Circle / Frog On A Log (London)
        The Dells-Sweeter As The Days Go By / Learning To Love You Was Easy (Cadet)
        Willie Hutch-We Gonna Party Tonight / Precious Pearl (Motown)
        Willie Hutch-Love Power (yellow vinyl) (Motown)


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          i didn&#39;t find any records today but did eat a lovely ripe piece of camembert. yum.

          Chops for show, groove for dough.


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            haha nice. I made shelves and ate home made currry with my dads secret recipie. stokes
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              Not today, but earler in the week i found a few nice soundtrack LPs in the local Oxfam (not Oxfam music):

              The Man With the Golden Gun
              Planet of the Apes
              The Omen
              Obsession (got a few nice string samples)
              From Russia with Love

              They were £2/3 each and all almost mint (I actually thought they might be reissues because they looked unplayed). The From Russia... lp was actually a different pressing on Golden Film Music, Andy thought it might be rarer pressing for some club or something, can anyone (Ed?) shed any light on this?

              I got quite excited as there was a Barberella LP in the same pile, thought it was the OG for a second but it turned out to be a &quot;Music of Barberella and Other Films&quot;
              It did have a funky version of Into the Mountains with the main riff played on a clav though.



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                In the post:

                The Status Cymbal: ‘In The Morning’ (RCA)
                The Calliope: ‘Steamed’ (Buddah)
                Seven: ‘Song Is Song, Album Is Album’ (Thunderbird)
                Smith: ‘Minus Plus’ (Dunhill)
                Karen Beth: ‘The Joys Of Life’ (Decca)
                Dick Hyman: ‘Moog – Eclectic Electrics’ (Command)
                Bert Jansch: ‘Rosemary Lane’ (Reprise)

                At the markets:

                Electronic Concept Orchestra: ‘Moog Groove’ (Limelight)
                Lee Hazlewood: ‘Requiem For An Almost Lady’ (Reprise)
                Peter Wyngarde: ‘S/T’ (RCA)
                Parliament: ‘Live – P.Funk Earth Tour’ (Casablanca 2xLP)

                On a very tight budget, so had to leave a fair bit, including a huge box of early 80s reggae 7” &amp; 12”s, which I hadn’t the first idea about, as none of the labels or names rang any bells. If any Jamaica types have wants lists of this stuff, lemme know &amp; I’ll check again for trades if the box is there again next week…not my bag, but a lot of it looked like it might have been smaller labels, less obvious artists etc, all from the &#39;79 - &#39;86 kind of era.
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                  moog groove is tight


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                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] (wayne @ Sep. 06 2004,01:40)]Electronic Concept Orchestra: ‘Moog Groove’ (Limelight)
                    Are the other ECO lp&#39;s as good as Moog Groove?

                    David S
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                      Originally posted by [b
                      Quote[/b] (wayne @ Sep. 06 2004,01:40)]Peter Wyngarde: ‘S/T’ (RCA)
                      Hi Wayne, out of interest, how much was the Wyngarde LP?
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                        found an nz press of Peddlers &#39;Suite London&#39; in a charity on the gold coast for 20 cents on saturday. now i know what all the fuss is about&#33; my copy has got some nasty scratches but i can&#39;t complain. very very nice lp. apart from that nothin much of note but that&#39;ll do me fine...


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                          Bought the following for a staggering 30p in a charity.

                          Enoch Light Presents Spaced Out [Studio 2 Stereo].....cheesy moog lp
                          The Ray McVay Road Show [Philips]....a belter version of 2001
                          Mikis Theodorakis &quot;Z&quot; Soundtrack [CBs]..... mostly lame but a half decent track called Cafe Rock

                          .....has Ray McVay done anything else as good?


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                            This Weekends Finds

                            Julius Brockington &quot;Sophisticated Funk&quot; (Today) was shocked to find this just laying in the local spots bins, and right behind it was...

                            Meters &quot;Look-ka pa py&quot; (Josie) - Why is it that the Meters sound so much better on vinyl than they do on CD?

                            Horace Tapscott &quot;The Call&quot; (Nimbus) -sealed double

                            Ohio Players &quot;Climax&quot; (westbound) -god what a great album, I think this is the last one I needed from the Westbound days (Pleasure, Pain, Ecstacy, Rattlesnake, and climax, right?)

                            Little Bever &quot;Party Down&quot; (Cat) - take erry thing I said about the Ohio Players on westbound and apply it to Little Beaver on Cat.

                            Bretheren &quot;S/T&quot; (Tiffany) - 10 years ago people were all over this one Classic drums o the track &quot;Outside Love&quot;

                            Soul Children &quot;S/T&quot; (Stax) - great soul LP, I think their first (?)

                            Edmundo Ros &quot;Hair Goes Latin&quot; (Phase 4) - paid more than I wanted too for a crappy hair album, but dammt this sickness ogt a hold of me.

                            William Tanner &quot;Sounds of Broadcasting&quot; (Tanner Library) - some nice moog rock tracks including &quot;Rock Alert&quot; and &quot;Moog Suspense&quot;

                            Shocking Blue &quot;S/T&quot; (Colossus) - psych is nice, funky sitar psych with female vocals is nicer.

                            Badger &quot;White Lady&quot; (CBS) - Jeff Beck and Allen toussaint in &#39;74

                            London Symphony Orchestra &quot;Classic Rock&quot; (K-tel) exploto classical version of &quot;Whole Lotta Love&quot; (with drums) and other classic rock tracks

                            Lonnie Liston Smith Astral Traveling&quot; (Flying Dutchman) - Last LLS smith I needed unless there is some good stuff on the Dr. Jazz label I don&#39;t know about

                            Funkadelic &quot;Maggot Brain&quot; (westbound)

                            Funkadelic &quot;S/T&quot; (Westbound) - double

                            Herbie Hancock Fat Albert Rotunda&quot; (WB) - double

                            Marvin Gaye &quot;Thats the Way Love Is&quot; (Tamla)

                            Earth Wind &amp; Fire &quot;I Am&quot; (Columbia)

                            Joe Tex &quot;Soul Country&quot; (Atlantic)

                            Tom Clay &quot;What the World needs Now&quot; (Mowest) - double

                            Ferrante &amp; Teicher &quot;In a Soulful Mood&quot; (UA) - double

                            Soulsonic Force &quot;Planet Rock 12&quot; (Tommy Boy)


                            Serge Gainsbourg &quot;Sea Sex &amp; fun/ Mister Iceberg&quot; () - produced by Hawkshaw

                            Demis Roussos &quot;Le Juene Fabre OST&quot; (Phillips)

                            Barry Ryan &quot;Eloise/ Love I almost Found You&quot; (MGM) - B side produced by Keith Mansfield

                            Michael Polnareff &quot;Ca n&#39;arrive qu&#39;aux aures&quot; (AZ)


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                              You go about 10 years without finding any records in a charity shop, and then you find two lots on a weekend.
                              Anyway I got the following

                              Stills - Steven Stills (UK Atlantic orig)
                              Ramblin Boy - Tom Paxton (Elektra 70s press)
                              John Wesley Harding - Bob Dylan (UK CBS orig)
                              Early Songs - Gordon Lightfoot (UK Liberty)
                              The Going&#39;s Great - The Tomorrow&#39;s Children (London)
                              We Shall Overcome, The March On Washington (NAACP)
                              Merry Christmas - David Frost and Billy Taylor (Philips)

                              The Taylor and Frost has an amazing cut called Bright Star In The East , is this a common album, I&#39;ve only ever seen the other album (I think)
                              The We Shall Overcome is Martin Luther Kings &#39;I Have A Dream Speach&#39;, and the live performances from the day, including Bob Dylan. I can&#39;t find it listed on Dylan biogs so am guessing (hoping&#33 its super rare.