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  • Record sleeve repair

    are there any recommended ways of repairing spine damage on a record sleeve? I bought a Xavier Cugat lp today and the spine is split halfway which causes part of the record to poke out. I'm going to buy an insert for the record but is there a way to seal the split without having to use masking tape?

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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (mech1 @ Sep. 04 2004,23:43)]but is there a way to seal the split without having to use masking tape?
    A friend of mine uses that double-sided tape. He inserts it on the inside of the LP spine & he only peels the 2 edge pieces of the sides which stick to the inside of the cover (therefore the bit of tape which runs along the spine is not sticky). And obviously he doesn't peel the side which would be facing into the record. Go that?!?!?!?

    Personally I feel this is bollox & if anything, reduces the value. I just use the close-fitting polythene record sleeves.
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      thanks for the info. the Cugat lp I bought isn&#39;t particularly valuable, I bought it for &#036;2 (although it says limited edition release). I guess I get what I pay for but in the end i&#39;m tired of sleeves that are falling apart. I think i&#39;ll go with your polythene sleeve recommendation.


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        yeah, US sleeves are horrible - split seams, ring wear, and often harder to get the records in and out. weird that record companies in the US used such thick quality cardboard though, when they so often skimped on the vinyl quality (or styrene 45s - cheers guys&#33; )

        i use the covers33 400g polythene sleeves - thick enough not to get creased, but no sharp edges like the PVC ones


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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] (bongolia @ Sep. 05 2004,16:52)]yeah, US sleeves are horrible - split seams, ring wear, and often harder to get the records in and out.
          yep, what is it with that? a lot of US stuff, even sealed copies seem to acquire a lot of ringwear. you&#39;d think that with such thick card sleeves, that wouldn&#39;t happen... or is it more to do with the way they were printed?


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            i think it&#39;s the way the cover image is often printed onto paper and then glued on, rather than European records where the thinner card is printed and then laminated for protection.


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              I&#39;m not a fan of the US sleeves, to be honest - they always look a bit musty and decayed.

              And US vinyl is actually inferior to the UK stuff - they had tighter regulations on pollution which meant that their vinyl had more impurities in it.


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                I wholeheartedly agree with your statements about US sleeves. I&#39;ve lived in the US now for about 15 years and i&#39;ve yet to come across a record store that actually gives a shit about the condition of their records. If you go to Japan you&#39;ll notice that the Japanese are meticulous about how they take care of their records, I don&#39;t think i&#39;ve ever purchased a record with a crappy sleeve.


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                  If I get LP&#39;s with splits etc I tend to glue them back together.

                  Use some cheapish paper adhesive. . .not superglue (superglue hardens and you can FEEL where it has been applied). I use this stuff from a corner shop. . . Apply it with a toothpick or cocktail stick type thing, then use the other end of the stick to smooth the splits or separated sections back together. Then whip out a cotton bud and try to remove any excess glue residue. I&#39;m getting better at doing this, and if you get an LP with a split seam, but most of the paper from the seam left on the edges, it&#39;s possible to do a decent and barely noticeable repair job on them.