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4 library lp's

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  • 4 library lp's

    Is there anyone who is at all familiar with these 4 Lib LP's ?

    Can you tell me anything about them, whether they are good, trash, dull, GREAT ! Anything ?

    I will gladly return the favor whenever I can

    m. moran, a. parker, a. tew, k. mansfield etc. - Je J'taime THEMES - TIM 1019 - 1976

    p. kass - Action & Drama PARRY - PML 15 - 1978

    j. trombey, r. tilsley - New Target - De Wolfe - 3222 - 1971

    e. allen, f. reidy - Forest of Evil Part 2 - De Wolfe - 3469 - 1981

    Thanks for the space Vinyl Vulture


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    p. kass - Action & Drama PARRY - PML 15 - 1978

    I thought I had this one - just checked and I don't  

    In fact I'd be interested in getting hold of it if it's cheap or tradeable - I know it's a bit controversial but I like those early Parrys  
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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      Thank you for giving it your best shot
      I am in the middle of doing a trade and that's what the guy
      offered me, but then he found some real killers at a local shop in Sweden

      Telemusic: Rhythmiques
      Telemusic: Rhythmes
      Golden Ring: Meet the Gang

      Not so sure about this 1 being a killer tho
      4 good tracks is what I hear from folks

      Golden Ring: Something Latin Something Beat

      I've got LOADS to trade, but am only really looking for Library LP's. Check out the site and see if there's anything there and there's a TON of killer stuff up on New Arrivals

      Just traded a copy of TRAFIC POP and have another dead mint copy. All have MP3's to rock your world

      Thanks for the space V V !