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On behalf of the family of Neil Suddes (Towny)

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  • As far as I know Neil freely posted MP3's of his tracks on Vinyl Vulture and Soulstrut, so I'm sure he wouldn't have any problems with you doing so.
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    • Originally posted by someblokecalledfuz View Post
      It does have Sweet Jams and Jellies, and also the track Pete Um mentions on his webpage (great tribute BTW).

      But I'm hesitant to put them up unless indicated that it's okay to do so though.
      Post them up Fuz - I'm sure Towny would have done it if someone has asked him. I'll give you a hand if need be.

      So many great tributes written on here and elsewhere. I'd almost forgotten about Lensor - what a laugh that night was (was it the first Byker Groove?) - very messy and we ended up in an all nighter that stopped at 1??!! I also remember having a conversation with Neil about what Lensor would sound like if you actually played it I was also thinking this week about when Towny stayed at mine for an Edinburgh meet and I sent him into Backbeat alone just to see what he'd think of the place and more importantly the owner - he emerged after about ten minutes and just said 'cock' - as others have pointed out he was a wise man!
      "..hole...road...middle thereof"


      • A mix in the loosest sense of the word

        I don't have any of Neil's DJ sets recorded but I did dig up this 'mix' he and I did about 12 years ago. We were both spectacularly pissed and gave ourselves 15 minutes to root through our collections and perform a live mix to those gathered in my room, who if I remember rightly included at least two posters from this thread.

        It's definitely a case of 'you had to be there' but I thought I pass it on because for me it sums up all those great times I had with Neil - great records, crazy records, stupid records, and two drunk guys at times were crying with laughter at each other's idiocy :-) ...

        I'll just say that half the records are mine - the obvious ones, several of which Neil put me on to in the first place - the others were Neil's and I still don't know what most of them are. And I thought dropping the Two Ronnies was funny until Neil started mixing in a bird-spotting record...


        • Originally posted by Saint Jude View Post
          As far as I know Neil freely posted MP3's of his tracks on Vinyl Vulture and Soulstrut, so I'm sure he wouldn't have any problems with you doing so.
          Originally posted by LDJB View Post
          Post them up Fuz - I'm sure Towny would have done it if someone has asked him. I'll give you a hand if need be.
          Leave it with me and I'll sort it out in the next few days...
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          • Some great foto's been posted, here's a couple of my faves -

            "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


            • Having read all the comments, I really wanted to leave one as I have been thinking about Neil so much this week.
              I met him about 4 years ago through Craig and instantly loved him. He played the best sets at the Tanners, made the best mixes and we had great conversations in the smoking area about music and school stuff.
              My first memeory was when he stayed at Craigs after the Tanners. Neil went back to Craigs straight from the Tanners and we stayed out a bit latter. On returning to the flat Craig tried everything to wake Neil to let us in - banging on the door for ages, shouting through the letter box, but to no avail. We almost gave up and were about to get a taxi to mine; until I called through the letter box and within 30 seconds Neil was up and the door was opened. (Clearly more responsive to a female voice)
              I became the unofficial Tanners photographer whenever I went and Neil was always my favourite to snap. Heres some of my fave photos of him-


              • Originally posted by Saint Jude View Post
                Cheers for putting this up James!

                After listening to it, I think Neil's set alternates with some of the other DJ's on the night. From vague memory Neil basically played 60's/70's tracks, whilst the other DJ's played newer releases such as Rose Rouge (which starts the mix off)
                Cheers H
                My memory's pretty sketchy but on pt 1 I know Neil's set started after the first track at 4:30 and ends at 35 minutes when I clumsily take to the decks The rest I played until near the end.

                On pt2 his second set starts after Frank's at 17 minutes - I think it's when the disco kicks in. It ends at 1:07 where I had the unenviable task of following him again . The quality of his set is awesome...

                Some great photo's appearing and special words there, Pete Um...

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                Time to say peace...


                • Here's more photo's of Neil from the Cambridge days. We had many, many evenings putting the world to rights, laughing till it hurt and always to the best soundtrack. These are from around 2000.
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                  • Only just seen this. Feel shocked. Rest in Peace.
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                    also see :


                    • Like all of you we have struggled to come to terms with the loss of Neil and have found great solace in the wonderful words that everyone has written over the course of the week. I honestly feel that Neil would be gob smacked. When he came to stay last summer one of our evening rants turned to the pros and cons of the virtual world and you can all imagine what he had to say about the facebooks and twitters!! However he did speak about this forum with a genuine love and enthusiasm and it was clear the importance it played in his life. However, in true Neil style he completely underplayed his role and the amazing contributions that he made. Delving into the archives he has had us in both stitches and floods.

                      Neil has been a close friend since the early 90's and we have shared some great times both socially and creatively. I could always rely on him to finish off my banoffee pie - generally around midnight!

                      Attached is the result of an afternoon in the late 90's tinkering about with film and records.

                      We miss you Neil and you will always be in our hearts and prayers - Charlotte and Charlie
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                      • Neil was my friend.......

                        I sit here with tears in my eyes, I found out on Wednesday evening, Neil's Mum phoned mine, because I work overseas my Mum waited for my return before telling me......devastated doesn't come close.....

                        I met Neil in 1985, I briefly dated his sister, Ruth, she is a wonderful person, as are Neil's parents, Sandra and Alan.....all 4 welcomed me into their home all those years ago and it was a fantastic place to be.....they are all so talented art's hard to put into words.....our romance didn't last....but that didn't really matter....I had met Neil, that frienship would last.....

                        It has been mentioned here that Neil was a cyclist, maybe some will not realise, he was quite an accomplished racing cyclist.....I trained with him most days, spending hour after hour beside him, chatting when it was downhill.....when it was uphill....well, lets just say Neil was a little lighter then and I had to try hard to keep up.......he was always brilliant to be with....I got to spend lots of time with him on the bike.....we travelled to races together and sometimes rode as a team.......we won some stuff.....that was great too......I went for a ride today over roads we used.....I was truly was hard.....not because of the hills but because of the lump in my throat......I saw his parents today and told them I was riding some of "our roads".....they are in good shape, or so they told me......they are great people, it's no wonder Neil turned out as he did.....

                        In 1990 we decided to tour France, being cyclists it seemed the obvious thing to do......I was lucky enough to have a bright red TVR convertible at the we filled it up and set off for three weeks or so......we didn't know where we were really going but that was part of the fun......we had three objectives....l'Alpe d'Huez (famous alpine climb in the tour de France), a campsite in Perpingnan (Pip who posted earlier was on holiday there and we vowed to meet her and her friend, they never believed we would) and the Pyrenees.....we did it all....and met up with Pip....I dug out photo's for Neil's parents less than an hour ago......there are quite a few of Neil, but one of the two of us with Pip in the background with her cheeky grin....

                        We covered around 3000 miles over three weeks or so.....we were within touching distance for most of it.....24/7....he was like a little brother to me........

                        I moved to Aberdeen just before the holiday and when I got back I met a girl there and married......I lost touch with Neil for a while.......I am back in the North East now and over the past 15 years or so our paths have crossed....he has stayed in our spare room here not so long ago.....he (of course) wanted to go through my records, I gave him some stuff, he was very appreciative, I didn't think it was such wondeful stuff, but the thanks he gave was as usual more than required.....I think I can take credit for taking him on his first ever record searches.....we did a few all-nighters and all-dayers....boxing day at Bolton was a good one.....we also spent days in Bradford going through box after box in junk shops and charity places...

                        I loved spending time with him and I cannot believe he has gone

                        You were one of the good guys Neil....I will miss you

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                        • Originally posted by Col Wolfe View Post
                          my fave pic of neil is from the first time I met him, here, taken at the first ever Byker Groove session on 29th May 2005.

                          and here's the last pic I took of him from the last time I saw him, sat with Ian T in a backwater Lincolnshire pub on 19th Feb 2010.

                          Thanks for this Col. I had totally forgotten you took photos. As expected… Neil brought ‘heat’ as some call it in record digging conversation.

                          We knew he would.

                          The very accommodating landlord of the ‘Pyewipe’ pub in Lincoln couldn’t quite work out why three men had asked if it was OK to play records quietly in a corner. After six hours spent with 45’s, 33’s, a portable and a large notebook we were buzzing about potential re-issues, ‘mash-ups’ and design ideas for a record label, and it was Neil’s Tinsel Towny compilations that had indirectly lead us there.

                          Neil’s ‘Tinsel Towny 3’ CD compilation was utterly excellent. There was no ‘difficult 3rd CD’ syndrome for him. There had been no drop in the quality of songs, seguing or fidelity from Tinsel Towny Vol. 1 through to Tinsel Towny Vol. 3. Technically they were all perfectly EQ’d for maximum impact. Content-wise they were on another level.

                          Neil had ‘rares’ for sure but he had no interest in parading them one after the other for the sake of it; there was no ‘look what I’ve got’ in his CD presentations. The beauty of his compilations flowed from a diversity of genres, odd textures, humour and excellent songs. Furthermore, 90% of what he included you could find for cheap immediately after hearing them. He’d done a quarter of a century of listening, sifting and selecting music and generously shared every last ounce of his knowledge with all of us. The notion of holding back a tune as a ‘secret squirrel’ was completely alien to him.

                          Being fans of all the CD’s, Col and I badgered that he should try for a deal of some sort to get a Towny compilation out properly . Modest as ever he was abashed that anyone would be interested. After some brief touting around established labels on his behalf, the idea of running our own reissue / original material label gradually dawned on us. It made us smile that, purely by chance, our inaugural meeting was in a pub that had the word ‘Pye’ in it’s name.

                          In person Neil was always friendly, warm and very funny. Check all the photo’s and it’s easy to see his default face was an easy and natural smile. What you saw is what you got and all the testimonies and stories here confirm that.

                          Mentioned already but worth repeating, was Neil’s courtesy in making people feel included. If he sensed someone was feeling on the ‘outside’ of a group he subtly exercised his easy charm to get them ‘in.’ He did it for me the first time I met him and I see others noticed it to. It was yet another extension of his incredible generosity.

                          The VG+ board will greatly miss both his wit and his wisdom. Pete Um voices this better in his blog tribute:

                          ….. I can’t help but also wish that the world had made better use of Neil Suddes while it could. It’s like someone’s burned down a museum or a great library, because he was like a kind of machine for bringing the more hidden treasures of music to people, and my archivist’s soul is distressed by the loss of that huge, huge knowledge....

                          Neil’s sudden and shocking passing is such a terrible loss and my thoughts are with his family and close friends at this difficult time.
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                          • Well said, Ian. Well said everybody.
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                            • Some Photo's of Neil

                              Taken in France 1990....first one is Neil and myself, between us looking through the window is Pip (see post number 62).....a couple in the Alps, one at l'Alpe d' on a pier in Monaco.....
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                              • A couple more

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