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On behalf of the family of Neil Suddes (Towny)

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    I only met Towny two or three times at the Tanners do's, but he went out of his way to chat to me, as a newbie to the group, and saw I was loitering awkwardly outside the boozer at some points and took the opportunity to come out and discuss freakbeat obscurities with me... so although I didn't really know the fella at all, nice one mate and my thoughts go out to his family... 41 is no age...

    I shall spin this for him in a minute:

    As we had a chinwag about our mutual affection for it and he seemed to play it in every other Tanners setlist he did judging by what I've read on here...


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      I always enjoyed reading his comments.Sincere condolences to his family and all that knew him.
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        Terrible news. I didn`t know him in person as many of you here but through his posts he always came across as a great guy. Sincere condolences to his family for the tragic loss.
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          That's one of the saddest things I've heard in a long, long time.

          I only really knew Towny from PM banter, but I feel like I've just had a punch in the stomach.

          Thoroughly decent bloke with no side to him at all. Clearly light years ahead of me in all manner of musical knowledge, but never made me feel like anything other than a peer. Just a really decent lad.

          Top, top fella and things will never be the same again round here.

          If there's anything to be done to show some respect in his memory, count me in.
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              What a shame. I did not know him other than his posting and stunning mixes that he shared on this site. His musical knowledge was epic. He will be missed.

              My thoughts are with his family.
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                I never met him in real life either but wish I had, he seemed like such a friendly and kind person. A sad day, I can't even imagine what it's like for his close ones


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                  I didn't know the man but I'm very saddened to hear this. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.
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                    Like many here I never met Towny in the real world
                    But that doesn't make this news any less shocking and upsetting
                    Sie - please can you pass on my deepest condolences to his family
                    Any death at such a young age is terrible news. That someone so admired and liked should die so young only makes it worse
                    I cannot imagine what his family and friends must be feeling now.
                    Make his soul rest in peace
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                      A shocker.

                      Allen had been looking to make music "like Stevie Wonder but heavy" before he met Gang of Four


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                        This is awful, awful news. His enthusiasm and immense knowledge of the music which is the very fabric of this board was awe-inspiring. He just struck me as someone who loved music, without an ounce of pretence. My deepest condolences.
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                          Where to begin

                          Never met Towny but his knowledge and upbeat spirit always shone through.

                          My thoughts go out to his nearest and dearest in this time of need.

                          RIP Towny.
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                            I'm very shocked to hear this news. Neil came across as a fountain of musical knowledge and a really decent bloke. When I first started posting to the boards and posting finds, he got in touch and very generously sent me a package of VG+ classics for nought.

                            His mixes were top notch too.

                            RIP Neil and condolences to the Suddes family.

                            He'll be very much missed in these parts.


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                              Like many, I never met Towny. He was, effectively, words on a screen and a beautifully crafted swap CD. The fact that he managed to transcend those constraints to become a real and a great person for me is testament to his character and talent.
                              My deepest condolences to his family and friends.


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                                Never met him myself but he was a friendly, generous presence on the board.

                                My condolences to his family and all of you who had the pleasure of knowing him.

                                Rest in Peace.