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    I'm leaving for Quebec in two weeks. I'll go to Montreal and Quebec city, then to New York, Boston and maybe Philadelphia. I already found a lot of records shops adresses on the net. Considering the few time I'll have to dig, could you tell what is for you the unmissable shops to visit over there.

    My knowledge in canadian records is pretty thin (Apres-ski, l'Infonie, Nick Ayoub and Sloche). Do you know other good stuffs from there ?

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    in boston, go out to cambridge. find skippy white's. there are 2 stores, ask for the one with the cellar. people say it's dug out but there were sooo many 45s organised in such a ridiculous way down there that there's bound to be stuff still there. if you got bucks and want 45s, do Val Shively's near Philly. expensive but a mad selection. in new york, go to Academy Records (for LPs). obscure heat for good prices if you have time to go through all the bins. 'name' records cost the same everywhere in new york - too much!
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      Planman, pm me to remind me and I'll dig out the names of the store I visited in Montreal.