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Three days of funk filled celebrations....

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  • Three days of funk filled celebrations....

    So I'll be playing tonight at HF&S, Salmon & Compass with my learned friend Nick Cope.

    45', 45's, 45's - beastly stuff, the dancefloor stuff - ya git me!!?

    Come midnight, the festivities will take a turn for the alcoholic better, so come, enjoy, listen, beverage.

    Friday I'm Brighton bound.

    And then Saturday..........there's this.

    Hogwash on Saturday at Kingstons finest - the mecca for undiluted filth, all be it funk, hiphop and the general state of the toilets.

    Help Belson celebrate his turning of another year........potential prizes available if anybody can keep up with the consumption of ale to said Belson.

    If all goes to plan and the members are suitabley lagered, then by 1am, witness the debut performance of the Kingston Running Man Formation Dance Team.

    All to the backdrop of rare funk 45's and the finest hip choppery provided by the big chap, and the divinely inspirational Wrongboy Tom.

    10pm til 2am. Early doors advised if you want to take part in the 'scrubbing the sow' drinking game.

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    What are you doing in Brighton mate. I'm down there friday and sat. <- Changed URL


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      Excellent stuff, Lord Belson&#33; I will try my best to keep up with your voracious beer appetite during stage one (been training for months for this moment) Other commitments deny me from stage two and three, though I have no doubt that I coulda made it, so just hand the gifts over now.

      Then you&#39;ll have about a month to prepare for my birthday badness: starting on my actual b&#39;day, 21st, with the Boogaloos and Brent &amp; Andy from the Neopolitans flying over to join myself on the decks (they might have a few other things to do whilst they&#39;re in the UK I guess) Stage two not yet sorted out, but stage three of course Best of Brillo 3 - The Party Freaks&#33;

      So will anyone be doing all three of your stages Greg?


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        I&#39;ll be getting along for about 9.30pm if that&#39;s OK Nick.


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          Greg. Are you playing in brighton dude.?
 <- Changed URL


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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (Belson @ Sep. 09 2004,14:52)]I&#39;ll be getting along for about 9.30pm if that&#39;s OK Nick.
            That&#39;s cool fella, see you then.