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    Hi again Vultures,

    Hands up all of you who can remember Kenny Everett's dance troupe "Hot Gossip".
    I was watching a compilation of the Kenny Everett Video Show and was wondering if anyone knows where the disco library came off?
    I am thinking Bruton.
    Help anyone?

    David S
    God bless Fatso.

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    No doubt you've spotted where the Lord Thames alias comes from now, then! (Though given some of the things he says about the real Lord Thames, I have to wonder whether I should have chosen my nom de forum rather more carefully&#33

    I would put money on Alan Hawkshaw and Ray Cameron being involved somewhere - The Hawk contributed a bit of music to some of Ken's late 70s/early 80s output, and was great mates with Kenny's script writer Cameron (who co-wrote 'Coast To Coast' on KPM's 'Music for a Young Generation', and composed the theme tune for the video-only 'Kenny Everett's Naughty Joke Box&#39

    One of the Hot Gossip dance routines is accompanied by an interesting disco instrumental, and I always wondered if it was a library track.


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      I am pretty certian that some of the music used in Naughty Bits also appeared in the eraly volumes of the brit classic series "Electric Blue". I have one library track on Bruton that was featured on the "EB Nude Sisco" sequence. Also the original theme to EB is on Bruton lp "Energism".

      David S
      God bless Fatso.


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        Blimey - Energism gets about a bit! I've got the Everett Naughty Bits tapes, so I'll see whether there's anything I recognise. I've not had the 'pleasure' of seeing any Electric Blues, funnily enough.........

        I like that disco piece used to intro the live action Captain Kremmen segments - wonder if that ever got released?

        'Video Love', which was the theme tune to one of the Thames series, was released as a single, and a copy turned up on eBay recently (and I forgot to put a bid in.)

        Some bits that were used by Kenny (mainly on his BBC shows, I think):

        Cutting The Funk - Edwardson/Sell (KPM)
        Ill Wind pt 2 - Clive Hicks (one of Gizzard Puke's themes, from KPM 'Rock Spectrum&#39
        Fredericus Rex Favorit - Sam Spence (Maurice Mimer's theme&#33
        Lone Ranger - Quantum Jump (theme from the Thames KE Video Show)


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          Originally posted by [b
          Quote[/b] (Lord Thames @ Sep. 13 2004,23:20)]Cutting The Funk - Edwardson/Sell (KPM)
          Which KPM is this from?
          God bless Fatso.