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The anderson tapes

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  • The anderson tapes

    This looks rather good and is on in the wee small hours tonight. It's got a Quincy Jones soundtrack - has anyone seen it/heard it?

    Film: The Anderson Tapes

    (1971) Sidney Lumet's thriller stars Sean Connery as a master burglar who moves into a plush apartment block as part of his plan to rob the residents. What he doesn't realise is that all his plans are being recorded and observed by a range of planted devices. Also starring Christopher Walken.
    The Pop Music Library

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    the theme's ok, and appeared on a quincy comp. some people say there's a full LP release but i've never seen hard evidence of it.

    i always get it mixed up with that other sean connery thriller OST which goes for about 60 quid, with the black illustration cover...
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