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    Is aw one at lunchtime called blue jeans on the Rouge label. The vaugely de wolfe style sleeve caught my eye. It is supposedly hippie-ish guitar music with bits of blues and country. Only 2 lps are listed in the VV article and it ain't one fo them but does anyone know if its worth a fiver or not?

    Similar prices for Fantastic Peddlers and Diane Solomon's take 2 - both of which I have - in case anyone feels I should grab 'em to trade with you. But I think the Peddlers is pretty common anyway so maybe not even worth that.

    And finally there was a 70'spop/rock album called Sky High by Jigsaw that I seem to remember being charted a year or two back but I could well be confused. Any enlightment appreciated.

    And you shouldn't ask about the 50cent things I did buy: The Coconuts, Luxuria and Paul Haig (with Bernie Worrell on keys).
    Enthusiastic vagueness passes for scholarship in the twilight world of the disc-jockey.

    John Peel