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    just came back from my local charity bin with a copy of the lp Color In Dance : Cocktail Party.
    It features two tracks by Andre Brasseur, Monkey Time; and Ah! Ah! Ah! My Baby! (?&#33.
    I have seen numerous volumes from this series and was wondering if anyone has any info on them. They were released on Pacific Records.

    David S
    God bless Fatso.

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    They all came out on Major Minor in Britain, and consist of recordings from Roland Kluger's Pallette label in Belgium.

    This is the first one I've heard of that isn't all light orchestral stuff, actually - what else is on it?


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      Here is a tracklisting,

      The Monkey - ANDRE BRASSEUR
      Marijuana Brass - THE MERTENS BROTHERS STYLE
      Habanera - RAY MARTIN
      The Gallant Tango - RAY MARTIN
      La Bamba - DIGNO GARCIA
      Arriverdrci MAria - DIGNO GARCIA
      Strangers In The Night - THE WAIKIKI'S
      Sunset Prayer - TEDDY MERTENS
      Adadgio For Una Guitarra - LOS MAYAS
      Solamente Una Vez - LOS MAYAS
      Ah! Ah! Ah! Baby - ANDRE BRASSEUR
      Oh Mein Papa - MR DIXIE AND HIS GANG
      Tivoli Round - UNION SOUND INC.
      Farewell Waltz - THE WAIKIKI'S

      A broad mixture of latin, hawaiian, dixie and comatose beat music. I wasn't very happy with it.

      David S
      God bless Fatso.


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        I'd have bought it!

        That looks like the best one of the series so far, actually, so if you didn't like that one, you're probably not missing much!