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  • Donny hathaway knowledge..

    anyone know any good sites for a detailed discography on this chap? the one mentioned in wax poetics doesn't work.. preferably one with cat numbers etc..

    i read that his records were originally releasd on atlantic, but all the ones i've found that claim to be originals are on atco.. so were any releases under the atlantic name? is there a difference for euro and us releases?


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    Erm, what's the difference between ATCO and Atlantic?
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      i could be wrong (i'm somewhat distracted with other things today..), but i was under the impression atco was a sub-label of atlantic..? only real difference would be cat numbers and label/logos.

      i'm probably just getting lost in minor details here. i spottied a hathaway lp with atllantic labels/logos recently, and after previously assuming that they only came out on atco, got confused... wondered if anyone here could clear it up in a swift senetence of two


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        Whilst on the subject of Mr Hathaway does anyone know if 'Magnificent Sanctuary Band' ever came out on a 45?
        "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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          atco is a subsidary of atlantic

          donny was obviously a genius and like many pained geniuss he topped himself i think on christmas eve in the


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            so are the atco releases the originals, or the atlantic ones?

            no idea abou that 45 either, sorry..


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              i think in the usa he was on atco

              and in the rest of the world he was on atlantic uk etc


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                aha, thanks for that

                love his 'live' lp


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                  Also he is to be found on a lot of other peoples LP quite a few on cadet/chess such as woody herman.
                  there only noodles michael...


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                    Yes, the Magnificent Sanctuary band did come out on a 45..I have a promo copy (the same song on both sides actually) Great drum break for those who like breaks...