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  • Brazilian favourates....


    I would be interested to know from those of you that like Brazilian music what are your three favourite tracks, or LPs?  I was prompted to start this topic from a suggestion from Hadrian Elephant on a earlier thread, thanks very much...

    Mark GV
    Mark GV Taylor

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    Both the Gal Costa S/T lps. Anything by Os Mutantes. And Ive heard bits of the 'Miguel De Deus' lp and loved it. <- Changed URL


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      My knowledge of Brazilian music is very limited (so welcome Mark&#33 and I could probably count the number of records in my possesion on one hand, but these three are my faves...

      Emilio Santiago S/T
      Papete &#39;Berimbau E Percussao&#39;
      Baden Powell &#39;Tristeza On Guitar&#39;

      You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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        Some Azymuth bits are great too. Didn&#39;t they do an OST? <- Changed URL


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          It is impossible for me to list my three favourite Brazilian tunes or LPs, it is always changing.

          I can list the three I recently listened to. All top quailty stuff:

          &quot;Cala Boca Menino&quot; Nana Caymmi - great version of the Donato killer

          &quot;Nao Vou Choarar&quot; Os Diagonais  - killer funk (track 2 Sermad) or &quot;bad totp style JB funk&quot; (ladyboygrimsby)

          &quot;O Tempo Que Tempo Tem&quot; Eduardo &amp; Silvano - pysch funk rock
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          records - one a week soundcloud


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            I know nowt about Brazilian stuff but here&#39;s three I like:

            Gal Costa - Tuareg
            Os Mutantes - Baby
            Os Mutantes - Bat Macuda
            "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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              there&#39;s so much different sort of stuff

              milton banana
              copa 7
              braziian octopus
              quem e quem (donato)
              vitor assis brasil
              ed lincoln
              som 3


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                Top three tracks would be something like,

                Milton Banana Trio - Primitivo

                Cesar Mariano - Fabrica (Even though Harris Simon&#39;s take of it &#39;Factory&#39; is rather nice)

                Som Tres - Homenagem A Mongo

                Other stuff that tickles the taste buds though is of course Elsa Soarez, Joyce, Quarteto Nova, Clare Fischer, Dom Um, Melvin Price etc.


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                  i heard a fat ed lincoln track tuff beats nice jazz it wasnt on his big LP which i cant remember the name of [the one with is it &#39;cochise&#39;? the big latin choon] it was on another LP on the same lable...mike chadwick played it out, mo beats


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                    It´s very hard to choose only 3 tunes; among lots of nice tracks, my faves are:

                    João Donato: Cala a boca, menino
                    Marcos Valle: Mentira
                    Eduardo Araujo: A mulher (Brown´s Cold sweat cover)
                    Elza Soares: Saltei de banda
                    Gal: Deus é o amor

                    ((-_-)) The groove is out there ((-_-))


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                      Just a few weeks ago (when it was hot here&#33 I put a home-comp CD together of the funkier early 70s brazil stuff &quot;...that I was feelin&quot; .

                      I think most of the bits were off those re-issues of the LPs that came out around 93/94...but I&#39;ve bought a small amount of originals over the years. That &quot;sound&quot; is great - but I&#39;d like to get more recommendations to buy more - cos searching &quot;blind&quot; can be a minefield. So, Mark GV (I recognise that name over the years) - welcome aboard the V V train sir and over to you&#33;

                      Off the top of my head stuff like: Marcos Valle/Azimuth/Antonio Carlos&amp;Jocafi/Wilson Das Neves/Meireles...I&#39;ll stick a tracklisting up tomorrow


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                        Track 13
                        Track 17
                        Track 23
                        Track 25 (ask Left Hand Corner for further details since I haven&#39;t got a Scooby)

                        Azymuth - Young Embrace
                        Tim Maia - All I Want

                        There&#39;s a really good track on the new Azymuth LP as well called, I think, O Chant.


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                          Really must send you a tracklist.
                          records - one a week mixcloud
                          records - one a week soundcloud


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                            bugger I didnt get the cd off you either&#33; I promised it to this girl who speaks portugeuse...

                   <- Changed URL


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                              Such a quick reaction already. I&#39;m a bit caught up at work at the moment, but will reply to some of the questions asked so far later on tonight. Good reaction so far....

                              Mark GV
                              Mark GV Taylor