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  • Perseverance

    Had a nice treat in Nottingham's Selectadisc yesterday. I actually went in to get a couple of CDs by people with long hair and loud guitars but I thought I'd nip upstairs to check the vinyl too while I had time.

    I always look at the 'Breaks and Beats', '70s Funk Compilations' and the 2nd Hand sections. The 2nd hand stuff is laid out with Jazz/Soul/Disco/HipHop etc on the right and an A-Z of general stuff from the left. I always start on the right and work from the jazz stuff through the genres and then backwards through the alphabet, I'm contrary like that.

    Anyway, was getting a bit listless cos there was just nothing there and I looked at my watch somewhere around 'M' and thought I might as well go back to the office, but changed my mind and finished the alphabet off. Amazingly, the very last record in the section (or the first had you done the alphabet like a normal person) was a lovely copy of Air 'S/T' which I've been after for years!! Selectadisc rules!! I can now relax to the marvel that is Googie Coppola!

    The moral of the story is:
    Fuck going back to work on time! Stay out looking for records and then falsify your timesheets later!

    Benicio Del Corrupt

    PS As mentioned on another thread, I'll do my utmost to list what freebies I've got this weekend.
    Jet Boy stole my baby.